Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Today's Joys

  • How well Afrin works to stop a running nose.
  • Watching Jet run for the bus stop line, to get his place before other kids he sees. I dunno why but I always just love seeing him run for it.
  • Getting called "us writers" by someone whose writing I really respect.
  • Golden Curry curry roux blocks with really well caramelized onions, carrots from our garden, a potato, leftover chicken, and brown Basmati rice, yum.
  • Falling asleep in my bed in the afternoon with my laptop, and the battery didn't die on me at all.
  • My desktop working like a champ day in and day out and going to sleep when I tell it to.
  • Brainstorming a title for an artist friend that she really liked
  • Having incandescens bounce a plot idea off me that finished something I'd started by accident.
  • A fic written for me by gogoangelgunboy with his Tommy and my David that was perfect for both of them.
  • Costco Flour Tortilla dough all rolled out and ready to cook on my cast iron griddle.


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