Just Putzing About

I am very slow today with the cold and all. It's okay, though, I'm not being too hard on myself. Just watching things and absorbing stuff while my writing brain takes a little rest.

I was pretty happy with today, though. I'm kind of blocked on four promised fics, and am starting to work myself out of the block, which is good. I need to get them done sometime, and they'll weigh a lot less on my mind if I can just finish them. Then I can get on with the end of Twin Souls, do more Winter War, and get on with moving David on toward the Misfit Toys. David's gotten rather insistent in my head recently, and I'm so tempted to just write what he's telling me, now, but I know that if I do the rest of it just isn't going to get done.

Jet's race for his spot in the bus line always makes me kind of happy, and I still haven't figured out why. There's something about him just going all out to beat the other kids, but he's not disappointed if he doesn't do it, he's only disappointed if he doesn't try. That's the coolest part.

My espresso machine made me very happy this morning with a mocha from the Brazilian beans John roasted in the morning. It's just a nice, even cup that really tastes good with all the milk.

I sat, knit another round on the last set of needles on the Shipwreck Shawl, and watched and cried and cried over Tom Brokaw's special about Gander, Newfoundland in Canada, a long special he did during the Olympics that John managed to catch on the DVR. We'd read a book about it, but the sheer niceness of a town of 10,000 getting 8000 strangers all on 9/11 was just... amazing.

I then watched two more episodes of the Bleach anime and the Zanpakutou arc, while knitting. I'm hearing funny things about the little filler bits with Kyouraku, Ukitake, and their zanpakutou, but wanted to get through the whole arc before I got there. I'm really liking this glimpse into the Kuchiki past, makes me thoughtful about Kaoru and about the other "factions" I've been playing with in Twin Souls.

I watched the first episode of REBORN, and am really liking it. *laughs* Mafia and hitmen... it's going to be fun, I think. I got some knitting done on Jet's sock, too, with the leftovers of the wool and silk that I used to make Isabel's fingerless gloves. Since she commissioned them, I got paid for them, which was nice, and on top of the extra pay Mimi gave me last week for my consulting, I'm starting to save up for something nice.

John actually got better last night, so I'm happier and more hopeful that I'll actually get well sometime. Sometimes I feel like, with colds, that I'll just always go right to bronchitis, coughing my lungs out, antibiotics, and then weeks of recovery time while I gradually build my strength back up, but I'm hoping that this time it'll be different with all my allergy medications to keep my breathing on even keel.

Someone reminded me of Methos, today and I got to watch a bunch of YouTube clips and am reminded that once I'm a fangirl, I'm always a fangirl. *laughs*

I am thankful for Fan's in Niwot, they deliver tasty Chinese food in minutes, and dinner was hot and ready to eat in 20 minutes. That was very satisfying.
*grins* I'm glad you're taking it easy and not really goofing off, but relaxing and still being productive. I hope you feel better soon.
*hugs* as I get hit with a cold or really bad allergies or both, I can't tell. Hope you get better soon, I am glad today was good for you.

I love Methos, there is nothing wrong with being a fangirl :)
I hope you're continuing to do better! (Also, make sure you're taking your D! I swear, it was slacking on that which let me get sick like this... O:> )
Yeah... well my D vits are all from sunshine around here, and there's plenty of that.

But, yeah, I'm definitely taking all my asthma drugs, too, just to keep the Dreaded Specter of bronchitus off my case. *laughs*
I had a chance to work in Gander during my residency. The people there are very kind and very much embody the spirit of most people from the province who would take a stranger into their homes because that's what needed to be done. They don't consider it special or extraordinary, it's just what you do for your neighbours (where neighbours=anyone on the planet who happens into your neck of the woods).
That was the feeling I got... that the living conditions there were harsh enough that was just how people got by, too.

I felt it was pretty special and extraordinary. It's just... cool to know that there are people like that in the world, you know? I mean... the media and most people tell us about the other kind, most of the time.

So it's nice to get this now and again.