Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Tea with Tenpou

This is a listing for a multi-chapter fic.

These are crossover fics, where Hakkai and then Tenpou (after Hakkai dies, peacefully) go into the Bleach universe and encounter Kuchiki Byakuya. They were originally written for 2metaldog on her prompt "a traditional tea moment between Byakuya and Hakkai". They didn't get their tea in the first installment, and it took me nearly a year to get good enough to write the actual tea ceremony. I borrowed some pieces of this Hakkai's past from 2metaldog's Beautifully Broken Evolution her amazing Saiyuki fic, with her permission.

I (liralen) am the author of all these bits and pieces.

Title: In the Autumn Woods
Warnings: (G) None, should be work-safe
Characters: Hakkai and Byakuya
Summary: Hakkai accidentally stumbles on Byakuya in the autumn woods even though in his forest it's high summer.

Title: Tenpou's Spring Tea -- part 1 of 2
Warnings: (PG) Gentle character death and a small fight. Nakedness after a bath.
Characters: Tenpou and Byakuya
Summary: Hakkai dies and finds an invitation literally written on him, and it leads to a different kind of after life than he's used to. Thinking he could use the vacation, Tenpou follows it.

Title: Tenpou's Spring Tea -- part 2 of 2
Warnings: (G) None. Work safe.
Summary: The two of them finally have their tea together, and get interrupted...

Title: Dance in the Moonlight
Warnings: (NC-17) Explicit hardcore yaoi sex.
Summary: The two come to an understanding later that night, under the moonlight.
Notes: This was from a prompt by mysocalledhell for her birthday. "Dance in the Moonlight" with Tenpou and Bayakuya.

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach or Saiyuki or any of the characters. I do not make money from these writings.
Tags: bleach, fanfic, saiyuki

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