A Quiet Saturday

I am a little more sick than I thought I was going to be as I'd felt so much better on Thursday, but the cold seems to have moved to my rather fragile lungs, and they don't much like it. I tried to take it easy today. John had an early morning meeting, and then the boys rode their bikes to the the county fair grounds for a 4-H fair. Jet enjoyed it a great deal.

I spent a lot of the afternoon playing Crash of the Titans with Jet, and then he started getting ready for the Kids Night Out when he discovered that we weren't going to a benefit auction for his school the way he thought we were (that's another day), so he decided to stay home instead and watch Star Wars with John.

So I got most of the day to try and thrash out the rest of Crash's fic. I'm glad I got it done. I still have theablackthorn's birthday fic and a birthday fic for irana, both a few months late, but then I'll get started on Winter War and Twin Souls again.

  • The conversation between the two guys after the hardcore stuff really felt good to write, there was a lot to it that I was happily surprised by.
  • Being able to breathe. Everything else gets to be secondary to that, and it's always kind of cool how relative everything else becomes in this state. If I can breathe, everything else is good.
  • Getting to talk with sophiap, mysocalledhell, irana, incandescens for a bit on IM. Makes me feel connected.
  • Random folks commenting and faving my paintings on devArt, signing up for Twin Souls on ff.net, and being able to commission art just to support someone.
  • John getting me echinecea tea.
  • Heck all kinds of tea and herbal teas and chai. Brewed myself three potfuls just this morning to get all the gunk out of my head and lungs. I felt so much better after.
  • NOT having to get to church early tomorrow for any reason whatsoever. No need to get to Sunday School, brew coffee, do classes, ANYTHING... so I'm really, really happy we'll get to sleep in. I may not go at all, just so I don't spread my germs.
  • This meme. *laughs*
  • And, yes, the reason for the icon. Plot bunnies. Galore. It's always good when my muses come back after I've exhausted myself too much. But Byakuya seems to be talking to me a great deal more than I'm used to doing.


My fault! And, wow, he really is... being quite intriguing, too. Between the fic I posted last night and the one that I'm working on now, he's just amazing.
I enjoyed chatting with you very much! I've now got all sorts of thoughts whirling around about the next chunk of Winter War.

Herbal tea is a wonderful, wonderful thing, especially if when you have a cold you just can't shake.
Peppermint. I need another cuppa peppermint tea, I think.

It is always fun to talk with you. *grins*
(hugs) And it was great talking to you, as always. I apologise that I didn't stay longer.

(laughs) I like the time we got, it was just right, and I go to read your Library fic, after, which was all to the good.