List for Today

Day Seven is it?

  • My tomato plants are sprouted! My tomato plants have Sprouted! Now... just so long as I can remember which are the Sun Gold cherry tomatoes and which are the Black Krims and I'll be even happier.
  • I'm very glad that the birthday fic was well received by the recipient and others.
  • Rainy days. It was cold and wet all day and I loved it
  • My boys.
  • Four hour naps when I'm sick.
  • Trader Joe's Drinking Chocolate, which amberley got me on a special mission to his local Trader Joe's to send to me. My mother-in-law did the same and I'm very, very, very happy as I'll probably have enough to last out this cold because of both their efforts
  • Wikipedia... just 'cause.
  • Just sitting and getting to talk to myJohn for a long while this evening.
  • Fountain Pens with Noodler's Ink in 'em.