Small Victories

Being able to breathe all night was a good one.

Having a nine-year-old son who was given as a birthday gift a book titled "Backyard Ballistics" is very nice, especially when he delights in talking over the possible construction details of said ballistics.

Baktea Chai, a locally brewed chai is very nice after massage therapy.

I'm wrestling with something in the back of my head and it's frustrating not being able to get a good look at why it is that I'm not writing at full capacity, yet, but it might just be the cold blocking part of my brain. Given that, on Monday, I tried to move an appointment that I thought was on Tuesday, but was actually *next week's* Tuesday to the next Thursday... my brain isn't up to speed. And the lady scheduler for the allergy clinic was very, very forgiving. For that I am thankful.

Having a husband that doesn't elbow me every time I snore is a good thing.

A bagel with cream cheese and on-sale lox and really nice briny capers was an excellent breakfast.

Today was really sunny as well, and when I walked to the bus stop I really, really didn't need my coat. That was nice, especially since I'd planted a bunch of stuff just before a small snow storm on pure faith that in a week it would warm up enough for it to sprout.

It's really fun to know that people write a lot faster than I do, and that it would be all right if I did write more more often and that there are some people that would like that, as well. YTD word count is 45,000. I slowed down a lot with the trip and the cold, no wonder. *laughs* But I have a few bad habits that are biting me in the ass, and I want to kind of deal with that.

Having incandescens just *ask* me, "What do you want to do?" while I was florning about what I *ought* to do. It's good to have people that are willing to just ask that of me, and make me really stop and think about what it is I want, as it's never my first reaction. I needed that. Part of me wishes I were better at that, but the rest is just glad I have family and friends that are willing to make me stop and ask me. Even Jet will sometimes just go kind of still and ask me, "Well, what do you want to do, Mom?"

It was also good to have a conflict that happened last night get out in the open and I got to talk with the person I was having an issue with directly. I think we both exchanged a lot of background information and I'm pretty clear now as to the fact that we're both really, really different and come from very different backgrounds. Now that I'm informed, maybe I'll take what he says a little differently. I'll try, at least, especially since he backed down on a few points that I really objected to, by his giving a bit, I got the idea that he understood where I was coming from as well.

Okay, going to sleep before 11 pm is a good thing as well.
I think I would have killed for a book like that when I was nine, though I suspect the neighbors would have not been pleased.

(and because I feel awkward not introducing myself, hi, I wandered over for the fanfic and stayed because the rest of your journal looked interesting too)
Hi! Welcome! I'm glad you found something to stay for. *grins* And cool to know that the fanfiction has been good enough for you to drop by. Thanks!

And, yeah... *laughs* My husband and my son were firing matchhead rockets this morning on the front step.... hm. They're thinking of building something bigger for the open lawn area in the middle of the development, so there's at least a safe place for him to do these things. *grins*
Oh, it definitely is! I'm horrible at leaving comments because I'm shy and I feel like half of them would just be 'asdjflk AWESOME', but I'm lurking around.

That sounds pretty awesome! We lived right in the middle of city suburbia when I was a kid, so I think the craziest things got was my mom teaching me how to use power tools to build furniture for stuffed animals and cosplay props XD
It's *good* to have a mom that can teach you how to use power tools. I highly approve of that.

I'm glad you're there lurking. I actually like even those kinds of comments... *laughs* but you should do as you like!
We're a very DIY family, so I learned a lot from her. The most recent skill acquisitions were how to reupholster an armchair (over spring break), and then how to check the fluids in my car (on the 3k mile drive to get said armchair back to my side of the continent).

And I'll keep that in mind! I have a bad habit of taking 'if you don't have anything useful to say, don't say anything at all' to a somewhat unproductive extreme.
Oh, my son just turned 9 too, not sure what he would do with that book, other than read voraciously. So many times I tell myself, ah must sit down and write, or draw and it just doesn't happen, I have to be in that headspace, and it's really different to switch from one to the other, like I have very prolific drawing weeks or writing, but rarely at the same time. But the off-time for writing is just as important, I always get my best ideas while driving.


I think I can't just tell myself that. I just have to sit down and do it. Word wars help, but... mostly it's just sitting down to do it.
This is true, if we all waited for the muse, we'd never get anything done, schedule is good, I just wish I knew why I get those more prolific moments and how to induce them.