Word War Today

I'm going to do a yaoi-only word war from 2-4 Eastern (1-3 Central, 12-2 Mountain, 11-2 Pacific).

It will be here.

1. On Go, we write for 30 minutes, and at the end of the 30 minute period we compare numbers of words we got, talk a lot, and then set up the time for the next Go. *grins*
2. During the 30 minutes most talk is discouraged. If you come in during a 30 minute time period, I'll probably just tell you the end time for the war.

I'll probably try the pro wars beforehand, as I have three stories I have to finish, and then Winter War and Twin Souls. So... yeah. Plenty to work on. Uhm... yeah... I cope by doing things, I think.

YTD wordcount: 47,255
Hey I think that's 8 to 10 in the evening my time! That's doable! I'll most probably be there ^___^
the big problems on my end here were

1. yesterday and
2. yaoi-only =(
Aww... I should have said anyone... but put the yaoi on it because some poor professional writer the other day came face to face with dildos and phone-sex stories and uhm... Kinda was trying to keep the embarrassments to a minimum. Not that anyone seemed to actually mind, mind you. *laughs*

If you're up to that kind of talk between sessions, feel free to come. I'm probably throwing quite a few more for those that are intimidated by the professional room.

If you don't want to face the fangirls, toonowrimo has notifications, every day, on their professional war room. I usually go there in the mornings, as most of the fanfic folks don't write until they're home from work or school.
And, if you want, just tell me a day or two in advance, and I'll show in the pro room with you any time...
that'd be fine! i've been looking for a workshop for a long while but been mainly apathetic about it.