Wearing of the Green, Pink, and Red?

I have to admit that for all that I do like corned beef and cabbage, I'm happiest with the corned beef hash the next morning. We had ours a few days late. I was finally up to it, though I'm still feeling oddly fragile.

Jet wore green from head to toe on St. Patrick's Day. He had on r0ck3tsci3ntist's hat, a green jungle t-shirt with red parrots, the green chamo sweater I'd knit him, green shorts, and neon green socks. It was in the 60's that day (15° C+ a bit), so the shorts were entirely appropriate for his metabolism. Admittedly it was more from a desire not to be pinched than any ethnic pride on his part. *laughs*

But the rules changed on him, poor guy. *laughs* His teacher gave everyone a green sticker if they weren't wearing any green, so there would be no pinching of anyone, and then the whole class came up with new rules. Boys could get *kissed* if they were wearing red, and girls could get kissed if they were wearing pink!


How things change...