Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Fanfic Rec

I'm not that good at keeping up with Bleach fandom, and I don't read enough to rec much; however, there's a story that's gradually unrolling at the moment that I really, really like by demented_dee called "Closet Games". She written a lot of Naruto fanfic, in the D/s genre, and did a very sweet Chad/Ishida fic as her first Bleach fic. Most of what she writes is very hard-core yaoi, often with BDSM or just plain D/s aspects, just so you're appropriately informed before going. XD. I like a lot of what she writes, but "Closet Games", so far, has really caught at me.

"Closet Games" is an AU Renji finding an AU Byakuya in darkprism's own city. I've always had trouble with ByaRen in canon 'cause I just can't get around my own dislike of any romantic encounter up or down a chain of command. I've just seen that kind of thing mess up too many people to be able to ever write it, and I often can't even read it. (Yes, cmc42, you're one of the few exceptions to that rule) By sidestepping that whole universe, demented_dee has done something marvelous even in just the first two chapters.

Reassuringly, she's said she's written the whole thing before starting to put out the chapters, so those that like knowing it's all going to be posted can feel good about it being 'done'. It's making me rethink some of how I work, honestly.

I love what she's done with Renji's backstory, incorporating a lot of the character-defining traits of his canon history, and how confident and *solid* he is there. So just... go read.
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