Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Random Things

Weekends mostly consist of "What do we have to do?" and "Jet, what do you want to do?" and then we schedule around that, other than Sunday mornings are pretty much taken. So I never seem to be able to *schedule* writing time on the weekend to meet up with those of you that write when you're just off from work or school and stuff (okay, other than those in the UK...).

I have the Empty Bowl benefit for lunch today, but after that, between playing with Jet, I'll probably hang out in the fandom/amateur/just-shy-of-the-pros writer's war room (I shouldn't have said yaoi-only as really it isn't, but you really do have to be prepared to have folks talking about some hard-core yaoi is all) as I can, both this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon and maybe even into the evening. We'll see.

If two or more gather, we'll have us a war or more.

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