Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Tired and Sore

Water aerobics is hard work.

I think the only reason I go regularly is 'cause Joan goes, and I *do* feel much better for doing it afterwards. But before it's nearly always, "Yeesh, I could be relaxing at home..." and the main thing that gets me is knowing that Joan is coming to get me. Amusingly enough, she only goes, at first, because she knows that I'm waiting for her.

But, man, am I *sore* today. Both Joan and I used the heavy water weights last night and the instructor did a new series of underwater situps and since we don't have gravity to fight, but do have water resistance, it goes directly to the abs. Whoof. There were also so many people in the class we were cheerfully running into each other all night. That was pretty funny.

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