Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Spring in Colorado

So it was 60° two days ago (~15° C). Yesterday it snowed about 10 inches of lovely very-wet snow, and today it was sunny and bright and melty and tomorrow it's supposed to be back up about 60. By Wednesday we're supposed to get more snow again. It is a little crazy.

Empty Bowls was good. My bowl was in the auction, paired with 10 stems of tulips. *grins* It was nearly at the "buy it now" price, so John bought it because he liked the butterfly. And this was just half an hour in, and the lady that usually buys my bowls hadn't even seen it, yet. It was oddly good to get it, as I have never gotten my own bowl at these things.

The soups, bread, and ice cream made a wonderful lunch.

Jet and I played for a while in the afternoon, and then he got friends to come over and play with them until John had dinner ready. He also rubbed a whole rack of spare ribs, so we'll likely smoke them tomorrow, when it's warm again. *laughs* So a good, full weekend...

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