Holy Smokes

It's odd being able to *watch* the House pass the Senate's bill on Health reform on TV.

Wow. So... yeah, both the Senate and the House of Representatives have passed the same bill on health reform, though the House added another bill to amend what got through the Senate. Rather than trying to change the original bill and have to send it *back* through both bodies again, it was deemed easier to just pass it as the Senate passed it and do a bill of reconciliation, so that the Senate can just debate the changes, rather than pulling the whole thing apart again.

I'm impressed at how quickly this has gone as a whole. I know there's so many people disgusted with how slow it is compared to their time scales, but... I for one am impressed that it only took this long for so many powerful people to get enough agreement to do something for what might well be the common good.
Congratulations! I know it isn't ideal, but it sure sounds better than what you had before.
Yeah, it certainly isn't ideal, but it's a *start*... and it's certainly better than what was around before because now people can think about it in more coherent terms than before.

It's a great first step! But first steps.. *laughs*

The other side of it is, the Republicans bet the farm on defeating it. If they lose the farm, they might start engaging, rather than attacking. With good engagement, we'll get a better bill going down the line.
I know some people who are legitimately unhappy with the bill as it was passed, but honestly, I'm glad that something was passed.
Yes. It would be hard to be worse than what we've currently got, I suspect.

Crossing fingers that it can be shaken into something much, much better.
Exactly. Once we have something in place and people see that the fabric of our society does not fall apart due to the Socialist Menace, I hope it will be easier to push through genuine reform and harder for fear-mongering to gain any purchase.
Exactly. I agree...

Someone else I saw said that it's like writing. Get Something Down in Words.

THEN go revise. *laughs*

I love that there's already a reconciliation bill in the works.
It is... it's a good step past the whole "are we going to do it at all" barrier.


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