I know, right?? Made me squee so hard when I first saw it. And again evey time I do ^_^
So, does he sneak off to earth before work ... or is there a Starbucks in Seireitei/Rukongai? XDDD

Now I want to know... *laughs*

(suddenly thinks about the poor Fourth Division recruit that has to serve *him* at the kiosk by the Gotei 13 barracks... or the Earth dude that has him show up every morning without showing in the windows first...)

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You fell out of love?
I wonder if Senbonzakura ... wait, Senbonzakura on a caffeine high, maybe not a good thing.
*laughs and laughs*

Sometimes he's such a prickly dude. Hard to... please. *laughs*

Senbonzakura on a caffeine high... with sugar too. *whoooosh*!
Byakuya really tickles me when we get to see his idiosyncrasies... /pinches his cheeks