I know, right?? Made me squee so hard when I first saw it. And again evey time I do ^_^
So, does he sneak off to earth before work ... or is there a Starbucks in Seireitei/Rukongai? XDDD

Now I want to know... *laughs*

(suddenly thinks about the poor Fourth Division recruit that has to serve *him* at the kiosk by the Gotei 13 barracks... or the Earth dude that has him show up every morning without showing in the windows first...)

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You fell out of love?
I wonder if Senbonzakura ... wait, Senbonzakura on a caffeine high, maybe not a good thing.
*laughs and laughs*

Sometimes he's such a prickly dude. Hard to... please. *laughs*

Senbonzakura on a caffeine high... with sugar too. *whoooosh*!
Oh god, just Byakuya ordering from a Starbucks, he'd be so particular, and Renji would be behind him (to carry the tray) but cringing. I'm gonna go look at the site and see what Bya would order.

The Green Tea Frappuccino?

Ah, but I think he'd go for a strong blend hmmm...

Oh, must let him know that tomorrow is Free Pastry Day.

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I was thinking the espresso con panna as well, rich but not sweet. and him badgering the barista until they could pull a perfect shot or die trying.

THEN I ran across this...

A Dark Cherry Mocha

Byakuya really tickles me when we get to see his idiosyncrasies... /pinches his cheeks

He does have some great idiosyncrasies, doesn't he? *laughs*

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