Slow Going

Last night, it started to snow, and it came down so hard and fast that the St. Vrain School District closed all their schools today. So Jet got to stay home all day. He was pretty happy and spent the morning sledding, and then invited some friends over to play until school would usually be over and after that, he told me, "I'm exhausted. Can we play video games together?"

I had a service planning meeting in the morning, and then had my cleaning at the dentist (who seems to have had an even worse early spring than I have, poor thing). I didn't get up in time for breakfast, so just got a con panna at a local espresso bar that managed to pull a sweet shot at altitude. I really loved the rich intensity of flavor of the espresso with the sweet poof of whipped cream. I think I'll have to go back.

It ended up being seven or even eight inches of snow. Wet, heavy spring snow, and it was so warm today that there were literally rivers of water and snow in all the streets today. It was just funny and beautiful all in one. I'd been worried about getting anywhere, but the streets melted first, and by mid-day they were even dry in the middle.

I'm gradually recovering from the cold. John got antibiotics for ten days and it's finally giving way on him, but we both think he got a secondary infection that was bacterial as he's had it for nearly five weeks.
*hugs* whoa, that's a lot of snow.
Good luck with getting better. I finally managed to get both bacterial infections in my chest/throat and eyes. Antibiotic are your friend :)
Yeah... well... I got antibiotics today, too. Hmph...

yeah... it was, and it's nearly all gone! Pretty amazing...
Thank you!!

Sadly, there's been... uhm... a decided lack of progress on my part it seems, so far as the doctor is concerned, so I seem to be on a lot more medications at the moment. Oh well.

More experience.. *laughs*
(hugs) Poor thing. Much sympathy.

The bracelet is in the post, and should get to you some time next week -- hopefully around Tuesday/Wednesday, with any luck.
Mmm. Con panna sounds delightful.

I'm glad to hear you and John are on the road to recovery.
It was... *happy sigh*

John's definitely better... had a doctor look at me and uhm... yeah. *laughs*
I remember that "dry by mid-day" feature from snows in New Mexico. I was always impressed by that demonstration of solar energy. Here? Umm... *grin*

It's good to hear that you're both recovering.
So true!! There there's not much solar energy that makes it all the way down...

Good thing there wasn't 64 inches of snow there over the winter. *laughs*

It is good, and John's decisively better. I'm... well... got to see a doctor today and now I'm on antibiotics as well...