Good Things

The meds are working nicely. Slept very well for the first time in a few weeks last night. I do buzz a bit, and the antibiotics wreck their usual vengeance as well as their good stuff, but... yeah. I always giggle when Ukitake talks about being as drugged up as a race horse in fic. Ahem. At least it isn't quite like when I first got on the baseline ones and was wanting to run around doing stuff all the time. Hm. Actually... maybe that's just me... XD

And, after due consideration, I have to be thankful for a doctor that said, "No. We're not doing your skin test today, you're not getting your shots today. They're too dangerous. We're going to take care of your breathing and your health, first." As much as I'd been all set to get the #@$*(! tests over, I now see his point.

Over the summer, I bought a 4lb bucket of frozen pitted tart Montmoracy cherries from the local farmer's market and figured that I'd take comfort in cherry pie, sometime. I have. It is wonderful, especially warm with a little with ice cream. The extra pound of cherries I've used for "cherry topping" as Crash's sister Coco, in "Crash of the Titans" keeps wanting a reward of pancakes with cherry topping! Too bad Jet wants the topping without the actual cherries... *laughs* Arrowroot starch does an awesome job of thickening but not getting in the way of the flavor of the fruit.

The topping is also very, very good on Greek Yogurt. *sighs happily*

I've also been painting as the writey was too... anxious lately. I need to get pictures up.

Thank you, everyone, that commented on the previous post. I appreciate you concern and care a great deal, it really helps.
If any of them are corticosteroids, anecdotal evidence says you're not alone there XD Most of my whacky experience with side effects is with psych meds - increased Wellbutrin was like being on speed, and benzos plus paper writing lead to uh, interesting errors.

I was a die-hard apple pie girl as a kid, but i made a cherry one for my grandmother this Christmas, and was surprised at how easy and tasty it was.
Oh, yeah, the new one is a great big helping of corticosteroids. *grins*

Yeah. Writing on this is... uhm... interesting.

Oh, cool about your cherry pie. I hadn't made one before either, and was a little nervous, but it turn out very nicely! Cool about making one for your grandmother!
Yeah, those do crazy shit to your body XD

The content of the paper was great, but there were several half-sentences where I got distracted and immediately forgot what I was doing. It came back with 'A- Proofread carefully!'

Apparently they're her favorite desert ever, and I didn't know until this year!
*hugs* Glad the meds are working and you're feeling a bit better! And mmm, cherries.

(skimming lj lately with work and spaciness; I'm sorry to hear you've been having a rough time, and for not being there to comment as much. *sends virtual chocolate and tea and hugs*)

Did I remember to tell you there will be a sequel to Okami with a more Wii-like interface for the brushdrawing? And that it will star Amaterasu's puppy, Chibiterasu? That still makes me smile.
*hugs happily*

No need to apologize, I really am bad about following my friends' list, too.

CHIBIteratsu!! *laughs* The name alone makes me smile. Wii!! I knew that there was going to be a sequel, but cool to hear about it again! Makes me think about getting a Wii just to play it right.. *laughs*
*hugs back warmly*

THAT's not roundabout, sweet, at all. My sympathies for Kris, too. *Sighs*

Cherry pie! *laughs* Now I might have to write a story about cherries. Hee.
We just planted a Montmorency cherry tree in our front yard. Neither of the dogs has turned it into a play stick, so hopefully we'll have fresh cherries in a season or two. You're of course welcome to help pick/eat them next time you're in the neighborhood.
OOoooo... That would be really really wonderful!! And I'll bring a cherry pitter, too. Hee.