Bleach 397


*dances about*

*dances even more*

And there's still an itty bitty part of me just waiting for Gin to turn on Aizen, but... well, that's one of those forlorn little hopes in the back of my head, you know?
I'm absolutely convinced Gin is in this for himself. Whatever he does may help the Gotei 13 ... it may not, but it should be Gin-serving, whatever it is!
Totally. He does serve himself first, and after seeing Aizen strike down Tousen AND all the Arrancar, part of my brain wonders if he knows he could be next?

Hee. I'll hope...
I squeed when I saw Isshin. daddy is in the house and he's gonna lay the smack down on this unwanted and rude guest.

Go Isshin go!

I'm on the fence about Gin and what his role really is. I do think he's going to put self-preservation over everything, but a little part of me also wonders if maybe he's been a double agent all this time keeping a watchful eye on Aizen's doings.
YES!! I really want to see Isshin do that!!

*gets out the pompoms*

It's going to be intriguing to see how it plays out as Gin's the only major player left standing, other than the three main ones we're watching now.


Unohana hasn't been taken down either, now that I think about it, and Nanao hasn't even been in the picture.
I've been squeeing about this for 2 days now, and seeing HIM as my desktop picture first thing when I get on my computer is like the best thing ever 8D

And YES to Gin! Hey, I've actually had something I've been waiting for for what seems absolutely ages now (and now I can wait for the backstory I never managed to write about to be completely destroyed XDDD), so I can keep hoping, right?

*still so excited*
XD I was thinking of you when I saw that. Hee.

I will keep hoping!!

*bounces about*
just the evening before I talk with my bf that the only trump cards they still have are Kisuke, Yoruichi and Isshi
turn on my computer and there he is
I am so anxious now