I've been having problems sleeping on my meds. Not quite sure what it is, but a lot of it might just be all the things in my head that I really wanted to do. Some of it is that there's an open art space next week that is taking three of anything you want to give 'em and only charging $5 to show and sell them for you. So I'm trying to figure out which paintings to mat, frame, and send to them.

Some of it is an obsession with cherry blossoms and Byakuya. *laughs* And some of it was just that I needed to get outside a bit, and figure out this breathing business as I'm still not quite *well* yet. Problem is that without sleep I can't seem to write fiction worth a damn. Ah well...

My Mala
This is my mala, on a wire, made by incandescens of amythests, sodalite, and Botswana agates. The subtle hue shifts really make me very very hapy and it was fun to be able to get out into the sunlight and take advantage of it and get a very good shot. I rebent it a bit so that it fit better around my wrist, and so that the center bead could lie on the top of my wrist while I was wearing it.

I like the simplicity of it as well. Just a loop of beads all the same feel and size so that I can just thumb one and then the next and the next and the next and if I want to track things the color variations make it very easy to do.

Flour Mill
We went to the Boulder Farmer's Market opening day today. It was blowing so hard that most of the vendors had taken down their tents and had no shade against the sun; but, as many of them were fond of saying, "At least it wasn't snowing the way it was last year!"

Our favorite guy was there selling his whole wheat flour. Colorado is good, hard red winter wheat country, and a lot of it grows around here. This guy grows it organically, and then brings the wheat berries to the market and grinds them right there while selling his flour. It's a little grinder that you pour the kernels in the top and then they come out as a nice, fine flour. We're having pancakes tomorrow with this.

The eggs were out as well, spring and chickens, they really lay a lot this time of year, so the usual places that got sold out of eggs in a flash just have piles of the things at astonishingly huge prices. We bought a dozen anyway. *laughs* The yolks are so orange they're amazing, and soft boiled eggs or sunny-side up eggs are just delicious.

We also bought fresh bread and ate it for lunch and dinner. That is always so nice to be able to eat bread the day it was baked, but we do it far too infrequently. We dined on big bunches of fresh spinach for lunch, just a huge salad with left over charoset from the Sedar service, blue cheese, green onions, pecans, and some spinach salad dressing that I'd made a while back. It was very tasty, and we had enough gumbo leftover for dinner while Jet made his usual tofu. Yay!

Jet's Sunset Egg
And speaking of eggs, we got one of the Easter Egg dyeing kits and made eggs. This is Jet's egg, and how it turned out just amazed me. He started with yellow all over, and then dipped it in the red, holding it a all different angles, and finally in the blue.

And what amazes me is that it looks like a sunset if you look really closely. The yellow sky with the red haze, and then purple and blue mountains, with the faintest at the back and the darkest in the front. *laughs*

Or maybe it's just me on sleep dep. seeing things in the shades of an egg cooked for Easter. Jet's pretty excited about Easter itself, and he's going to bed to get ready for the morning. It should be fun. The Bunny visits the house and hides chocolate eggs everywhere, then there's the Easter Egg hunt at church, and then in the afternoon we join a bunch of families for our Easter eat stuff all afternoon and hunt candy in the backyard. As usual, I'll be bringing my glazed sweet potatoes topped with cayanne sweet pecans.

Cherry and BeesBamboo and Ladybug

This afternoon I did a lot of detailed painting work, just trying to get shapes right, and try and layout things with a little more interest or thought. The bamboo experiment didn't work quite as well as I wanted, but the cherry blossoms were like woah. It's like fireworks compared to the relative calm of the plum blossoms.

The trunk and branches are a little lame because I'm still thinking in terms of plum and not quite planning as well as I could for how and where to place the sprays of blossoms. The flowers were fun and crazy as the groupings really have to be planned out a little or they all look the same. Plus I try to do darker pinks on the outside of petals and lighter pinks on the insides to give some of them depth or so that you can tell which way the flower is actually facing.

Once I got all the flowers in the bees went, "Yum." So I had to paint bees. *laughs* I completely made up the one on the right, but used a reference for the one on the left. They were fun!

Plum and Sparrows
Finally... finally... finally...

I think I finally got it right. I changed the scale on things, made the birds smaller, the branches thinner, and I think I like what I got with this. I also kept the crossed branches as I just like it and made the front one darker and the back one lighter to try and get some depth to it, and let things reach up.

*laughs* The crouching sparrow underneath got impatient with me, so it took off. *laughs* I liked this a little better, and thought a bit about my story of Tenpou's tea and Byakuya having, basically, this painting in his tea house, now that I actually think of it. The one bird taking off, the other looking after, left behind...

... huh... and the plum, in Japanese culture, seems to be more feminine than the cherry, so if it's about Hisana, then it's right that they are plum blossoms, not sakura.

*thinks a bit* Huh. Okay. Yeah. I guess this is that painting.

I really like how this turned out, and I'd actually found a whole pad of Japanese Sumi-E paper, and this is one sheet off of that. It behaves pretty much like a double-shuen with a tad bit more finish, so that it doesn't act as much like a sponge when I touch the brush to it.
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I love your icon!

Thank you! I'm very glad that you liked the two blossom paintings. I'll get better at cherries with time, I think. *grins*
I think the bees are adorable, and I can feel exuberance in the flight of the sparrow in the bottom one.

Very neat. Thank you!!

Contemplates. Would you want the bee one as a painting?

Edited at 2010-04-04 07:26 pm (UTC)
I love the sparrow and plum blossom painting, and to tell you the truth, I'd been seeing Byakuya's painting in its previous iterations, as well. Story aside, though, something about this painting just feels right. The way the plum branches frame the flying sparrow is beautiful, especially when the viewer notices that all of the twigs are reaching towards the sparrow as if yearning after it. Also as speaking is the branch that cuts between the sparrows, isolating the one on the ground where it watches the one in flight. I find it very interesting that not only do none of the twigs reach for the standing sparrow, but the one that looks like it started to turns away sharply. Anyway, yes, gorgeous.

Tell Jet from me that his egg is absolutely stunning. It is rich and layered while maintaining its simplicity. You're spot on about the sunset. I saw it before I read your interpretation, and the red spot only enhances the impression.
*beams about the egg*

I shall tell him. It's cool to have other see the same kind of beauty that I did...

Wow. Thank you for telling me what you liked and saw in the painting, that is really wonderful to get. Yeah... this one felt right when all the others felt like "another try". I still can't say why, but here it is, and I'm content now.

*laughs* Though in the story it's willows with multiple sparrows, but the spirit of this is right for it. Now I'm tempted to go back and change the story. *laughs*
I am also sleep deprived, but the egg looks very sunset-y to me too! And is far prettier than most of the eggs I was colouring at that age, if memory serves XD
Or maybe it's just me on sleep dep. seeing things in the shades of an egg cooked for Easter.

I saw the egg before I read the relevant text and my thought was, "Oooh! A sunset egg!"
The paintings are gorgeous, and the egg reminds me of a sunset too.

And the bracelet looks even better in sunlight like that than it did under artificial light. ;)

It is gorgeous and soothing to wear. It was fun to get a shot in the sunlight. It's good that my camera has a macro setting for the close shots, makes it a lot easier.

Thank you about the paintings! And neat that you see it too in the egg, it's fun to share stuff like that. *grins*
You do such good art! (And that's a lovely picture of the bracelet! Ooo!) And a cool egg! And. Um. Neat post. O:D

Thank you!! It's always cool to read that, and I'm glad that you like the art. incandescens does amazing work, and it's kind of comforting to wear.
I totally love the paintings :)
I actually got money now so I would happily purchase one of your paintings...they are quite lovely.

Woo... how about wait until I actually get this batch backed so that I know which ones are ruined or not and I'll get back to you on which I'm going to be selling?

That would be wonderful!
Simon and I have both been taking a lot of photos of cherry and other spring blossoms; they're on our flickrs if they're at all useful as reference
*catches up on lj* Those are great paintings! I can see what you were going for now, I think, sort of, and yes, it looks like you got it right :)