Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Extreme Multitasking

I'm having a weird time coming off this medication, it's a step-down function, so it's less than it might be, but it's not like I can complain and get off it any sooner and have it be any less severe.

Get downstairs, get out a bagel as it looks good
Split it and put it in the toaster oven
NO coffee, makes things even worse, me going off this and on heavy duty caffeine is terrifying
Get the water on for tea
Find almond butter and blueberry jam
Find razor blade in cutting attachment hubby left out so that I could cut down pictures
Go upstairs find ruler in office
Poke the computer to look at backing paper and machine rolled practice paper on oriental art supplies
Cut one of four pictures from the master bath
Go downstairs
Pull the bagel out of the toaster (just done)
Slather with almond butter
See the pear in the fruit bowl, pick it up. Oh, it's ripe!
Turn the kettle back on to make the water hot
Start peeling the pear, there's no going back now, as it's so juicy and ripe that it's just pouring juice everywhere, so just peel and eat the whole thing, savoring every drop.
wash the knife and put it into the drying rack
restart the water
Put blueberry jam on the bagel, take two bites
Pour boiling water on tea leaves, set timer.
Put away almond butter and jam.
Run upstairs to get the ruler and knife,
go into the main level bathroom to cut down six paintings (in a row thank god)
Put paintings in the diningroom
Answer the celphone, it's Mimi with a research request, write that all down.
get the spraybottle from the laundry room
Take three more bites of bagel, and rescue the tea
Mmm... tea
Spray the remains glued to the mirror downstairs
Get a cloth and scrub it all down and compost the scraps of the paper
Think about the fact that shoulders hurt from too much time on the netbook.
Go upstairs to get the netbook and plug it in so that it can charge
Charge the celphone too while I'm at it.
Then actually concentrate on getting all the paintings down from all three bathrooms
Clean all the mirrors
Compost scraps,
Gather up the remains of my bagel and finally plop myself down here with my tea and.. uhm... yeah.

If you got this far, hoorah for you! *laughs*

I'm also realizing that a good bit of the insomnia is also from just missing, mourning, and grieving for Tasha. She and I talked nearly every day, and I just need to give myself the okay that that's just not going to go away; and that I don't have to run like a madwoman just to do everything NOW.

I have a bunch of deadlines this week. There's an art space opening tomorrow, first come first serve to anyone that wants to enter anything, so getting the paintings mounted was a good thing for that. I also had to write all the service elements for the service on Sunday, as the Biloxi work crew is doing the service, and I'm liturgist for the day too. Saturday I have to judge the state competitions for Odyessy of the Mind, and am kind of looking forward to it, if I weren't so damned worn out from what this drug is doing to my sleep, I think I'd do better.

I'm afraid the sinus/nose/throat thing is coming back now that my antibiotics are done. John's came back, too, and he's on a third series of antibiotics. I'm just tired of being sick and not having the focus or energy to do what I want to do. *laughs* I am indeed complaining, mildly. Monday I felt so terrible, I was just shaking the whole day, and John sent me back to bed and came home with a little netbook from Costco so that I could try and write.

I'd been thinking about getting a Kindle, as I really do like ebooks. I guess fanfiction has taught me that I can read enormous quantities online or on a computer screen, and I wanted to do more of that. But when we really looked at it, a netbook costs less than the big Kindle and can do SO much more. Plus, it's more robust and easier to take care of with all that we know about PC's already, it seemed just the thing. It'll be easier when we're traveling, too, and I've carefully pruned off all the things for playing facebook games, so I literally won't be able to on the road.

It should make for some interesting tradeoffs, all in all.
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