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I had an appointment with the allergy doctor at 10:15 am this morning. Jet was off to the bus by 8:25, so I hopped onto the computer to get the address of the art gallery that was having an open show. My mentoring artist lady lent me a matt board cutter. Jet and I bought matt board and frames, and John helped me cut the matts and in the process I smashed the larger sheet of glass.

So this morning, I loaded up my new netbook with Word and Excel and put all my docs on my stick, and then went to wait for the doctor. I don't have a comeback of the infection, thank goodness. My lung capacity isn't as dangerously low as it was two weeks ago, which is good. It's not up to my summer levels, either, but that's to be expected, too. I just haven't exercised enough. But I'm go for the skin tests next week, the side-effects are within range, even if they bother the hell out of me, and I got my shots today so I should have some symptom relief for the next few days.

I got nearly 60% of something I had to get written done. Then I went to Hobby Lobby and got another of the large pieces of glass and frame, and popped in the painting and took it to the Old Firehouse Art Gallery, where I entered the ladybug bamboo and the small wisteria painting and, of all things, the cherry blossom painting with bees into the "Confetti" show. *laughs* The blossoms reminded me of confetti, what can I say? Of the dozen paintings I'd backed, Mimi had reacted the most to those, and the small ones were going to be relatively inexpensive to frame and sell.

Pricing is such an odd thing. The little ones are up for $65 and the big one for $175. And that's on the low end of the scale my mentor was suggesting, so... I dunno. I guess I'll see if anything sells.

Anyway, when I brought them in, the gallery ladies were all, "Oooohh! They're beautiful!" So I was encouraged, and when I read the entry information, I realized that the pieces could have been rejected! But they weren't! *laughs* So my paintings got accepted to hang for all of May, and if they sell them, then cool!

They look so... different matted and framed. I should take pictures of them when they hang them on Saturday.

Uhm... okay. So then I got home, had some lunch (and had a really amusing time watching Hitman Reborn! on the netbook on the kitchen table), tried to beta Stark's latest and last chapter of Memories, but had to run off to Jet's school to do tile math. Then I came back, beta'ed, then did a huge mass of spinach and ground turkey for a stir fry, and then ran off for a Board of Worship meeting that got all interesting. The cool thing was that I was able to take minutes with my little netbook, and it was *easy* and quick and simple.

Then I came back and talked with mysocalledhell for the first time in a while, which was very comforting; and had a delightful conversation with darkprism over story ideas. That was amazingly fun.
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