Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Gradually Getting My Brain Back

I had a pretty busy weekend.

I think I'm finally recovering from the drugs I got last week, though, and my brain is finally starting to feel like it's mine again and can actually string together a few words at a time.

Saturday was the state championships for Odyssey of the Mind, and the energy for it was much, much higher than in the regional competition. I was pretty amazed, all in all. Plus the judging schedule went from 8 am all the way through to nearly 5 pm, so I was there all day. The food wasn't as good as at the southern regional competitions; but the other judges were all very interesting. I enjoyed working with them, and I think we did a very evenhanded job with the judging.

It was fun to make it fair.

Sunday was the Biloxi Sunday and all the planning we did for all the various parts of the service all fell into place. Pastor Rick really liked the prayers I wrote, and the four pieces of the sermon all came together really well in terms of service as a result of faith.

There are a lot of churches that emphasize works as a means to salvation. We're not one of 'em. For us a lot of it is that we've been given so much by God, so why not give it back out again? Give to those that need it, and given Jesus's commandment to take care of his sheep, then we just go out and do it because we've been given this all encompassing grace. It's good to share it.

So I was pretty tired after all that, and the pills have stopped on Friday, and I'm gradually getting much better without them. At least mentally. I'm actually writing again.

I'm very happy about that.

Hopefully you'll see a bit more of me. But tomorrow, I'm working at the Old Firehouse gallery for a bit, and it was intriguing to meet Board Members and know about Grant Writers and stuff like that. I guess I'm going to get to see how a gallery actually works.

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