I Should Be Asleep Now...

But I discovered, on my Ravelry account that by finishing the Shipwreck Shawl today (blocking and everything) I finished it exactly one year after I started it. *laughs and laughs*

Shipwreck ShawlShipwreck Shawl - Beaded edgeShipwreck Shawl - Center Detail


I'll admit I really like how the edge emulates surf, and I decided that I'm not dyeing the thing. Period. It's just too pretty as it is.

And two paintings...

PlumBird and Wisteria
It's simply stunning...! Just gorgeous!

And the paintings look great, too! ^^ Love the birdie!!!
Thank you!! And I need your address to send it to you! Could you please message me with it? I think you might have when I first started this, but I've lost it. *looks mildly ashamed*

Hee, the birdie was fun! *grins* I need to do more detailed birdies as I like their personalities/character more. *laughs*
Oh, the shawl is beautiful! You're right, it's too perfect the way it is to dye, a silver featherstorm...

(the paintings are very cool too, but WOW that shawl.)
*beams* Thank you! I'm so glad you like them all. And, yeah... a year's worth of work is always fun to see done and whole and nice.

I need to take a few pictures in the sunshine.
That shawl is amazing!

The bird is adorable. Both pictures are lovely.

You are so talented!
Thank you!!

Just time. *laughs* It's just time... the knitting gets done when Jet's watching Mythbusters, usually. That mesh all around the outside was just one stitch over and over with a few beads thrown in.

But it's nice to have it done.
The shawl is absolutely incredible. You're right, it doesn't need dyeing.

The paintings are lovely too, but the shawl just takes my breath away.
*beams* Thank you! It's good to have it done. The doldrums of the netting around the edge was tough to plow through, but... it now feels really good to have it done with.

And to see how it looks now that it's done made it worth it. I was chanting "never again" while I was doing it, but now that I see it... *laughs* I'm tempted.
Congratulations on completing the shawl! I do think it looks perfect as-is. And yes, that middle photo does look very much like a line of surf on the beach. Gorgeous.
Thank you!! *beams* I wanted to finish it. Whew.

Neat to have the confirmation from you that I probably shouldn't dye it. *laughs* *happy sighs*

Wow! Your knitting skills (and perseverance) really amaze me. I wouldn't dye it either. The colour is lovely as it is.

The paintings are nice. I like the fuzziness that the bird has. He looks so cute.
After the central rounds it turned into "watching sub-titled anime" knitting, as it's just one stitch around a thousand stitches... with beads. *laughs* I don't know if I'd do it again, but... it's now worth the doing.

Fluffy birdy! That's what I'm trying for! *laughs* Yay!
The shawl is beautiful. And the pictures are lovely, too! That's a goldfinch, isn't it?
*beams* thank you!

My reference had a long-distinguished looking name with a Warbler at the end of it, but it could be a gold finch too! As it's pretty generic, in some sense.

I have to figure out what distinguishes them.

I'm just so glad the shawl's done. *laughs*
Oh how gorgeous! I like that you're leaving it undyed, as it's really a very pretty color, foam on a misty day.

Also the paintings are great. I especially like the birdie! Your birds are so much fun.
I have grown to really love the color, which made it possible to get through this thing. The yarn is just gorgeous and I'll probably use it in something else as well, but probably a gauge up.

Birdies! *dances about* They are fun and fun to paint, too. It's really simple and fun with a head, body, two wings and two claw-legs and that's it! How to pose 'em is pretty fun and easy with my sketch pad to try a few things, first... and then try to add appropriate detailing.
I agree about the shawl color. Keep it. It's a very Pacific Coast sort of ocean color, all fog and mist and steel-grey froth.
*beams* that seems the consensus... so I'm leaving it like that...

It's surprisingly warm for all the beads and it being lace... Neat that.

Yeah! The edging me reminded me very much of the Seattle Pacific on the inevitable gray day. *laughs*
It's sunny here today, with brilliant blue water in Discovery Bay. I still like the shawl just the color it is now. Beautiful!
HEE! Yes for sunny days! They are so beautiful there.

*giggles* I'm glad you like the shawl color nonetheless.

Gorgeous! OMG I wouldn't dye it either. And the paintings are so beautiful! I love the one that looks like an American Gold Finch! He's so adorable.
*beams* I think if I'd made his head dark, he'd be a Gold Finch, but now I'm not sure.

I'm glad you like the paintings!

And the shawl is very happily in its new home with its owner, and I'm very pleased it's there. *laughs* John got tired of me going, "Never, Ever Again." The beads were a royal pain.. *laughs*

But it is pretty!! I have to admit it.