I read it for about a solid hour. *lol* Sex is awesome and great and can be so many things all at once. I don't know why people trip off it so much.

*shakes head*
Yeah, well.. it can get pretty emotionally loaded. *grins* Sex can be pretty powerful stuff.

But I agree with you and have spent lots of time on it. It's so beautiful in so many ways.
That's a great site! And wow, very cool photos. Thank you for linking it. (hm, and it'll be just the thing to cheer up a friend of mine who could really use it right now, so the timing is perfect too :))
Oh, very good. It cheers me every time. *sighs happily*

I'm very glad you liked, too!
I had to wait until I was home, but yes, that is great site.

Bonus: people who look like they're actually having fun while writhing around naked with someone else. That's weirdly rare in the media.
I LOVE THAT SITE. It really is so uplifting and positive imo. I could spend a whole day on there (and almost have). The quotes and article excerpts, especially, are great. Brings out the women's studies/queer theory nerd in me.
I agree...

*grins* It's cool to know that others can spend so much time on it. Neat about the studies!