Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Just for Me to Track

Claiming 30 prompts for 30, 1000 word stories, not a particular pairing/fandom/original/whatever, but wanted to just... have 30 prompts to do something once a week that I can post.

01.Defiant 02.Powder 03.Grateful 04.Decent 05.Union
06.Cleansed 07.Go 08.Shame 09.Objective 10.Strength
11.Life 12.Contempt 13.Wrong 14.Sweeten 15.Hands
16.Strangle 17.Lullaby 18.Untouchable 19.Whispered 20.Prayers
21.Obvious 22.Rhythm 23.Afterlife 24.Hidden 25.Parade
26.Touch 27.Free 28.Enjoy 29.Shining 30.Overflow
Tags: writing

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