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Talkin' Jet

I made myself spaghetti with browned butter and myzithra for lunch today. Jet was cranky because he didn't get his usual 11 am nap, so he insisted on being carried the whole time I was making my lunch. He snagged some spaghetti when it was cooked, and then accepted a piece with butter. When I sat down I handed him a strand with cheese on it as well and he picked off the tiny shavings of cheese, ate them, sucked the noodle clean and the tossed the noodle.


He likes myzithra. When he saw me eating it all together, he started eating on the run, coming to me for a strand, taking it and then running away and eating it and then coming back for another. I finally captured him, tucked him in his high chair and put a whole pile of my spaghetti in front of him and he dove in with both hands.

When he was most of the way through that and looked like he was just playing with it, I asked him, as I usually do, "Are you done with that?" And I wasn't expecting an answer, as he usually doesn't answer me except by starting to fling his food.

He looked at me, shook his head and said, "No." and went back to playing with the noodles and sure enough, a few more went into his mouth and he chowed them down.

Color me amazed.

I nursed him before he *did* take his nap at 3, and when I asked, "Okay to switch?" He nodded, said "Aah" around a mouthful of nipple, and then let go... obviously understanding the procedure he'd been a part of since he was born. Wow.

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