Tired of Snow

I'm tired of snow. *laughs softly* We've had snow every week for the last three weeks. A dusting two weeks ago, 2-3 inches last week, and it's raining today, and so cold that my tomato plants have been really confused. Usually I can plant everything out in the garden by Mother's Day, but this year, we didn't even try.

Jet showed me how well he knew me when his teacher gave him a stack of coupons to make out for his mother, and there were suggestions like "do my chores" or "clean my room" or stuff like that, and Jet said to me, "I didn't think you'd want stuff like that, so I did this instead."

The coupons each read, "One hour of computer time."

And he said, "And these aren't for your regular times, these are when you really have to finish something and I want to play with you."

*laughs* My boy knows me.

We bought two turkeys at the Thanksgiving sales, and kept the smaller one in our freezer until just a week or so ago, and when the snow was falling, we pulled it out, thawed it and I cooked it on Wednesday evening, with green bean casserole, stuffing, and plenty of gravy. That was very comforting, even when Jet only ate the turkey. *laughs*

I have this craving for Stouffer's red box dinners. I just... really like them, but I learned recently that freezer paperboard doesn't actually recycle, and the #1 trays can't really be recycled unless a bunch of them are bundled together. So I haven't bought them for a while, but I've been jonesing badly... *laughs*

So with the turkey I realized I had a key ingredient for turkey tetrazzini, and then I found this recipe on the Internets and so I made it today. It took rather longer than I thought it would; however, the results were so good, I just packed a bunch of little packets in the freezer of the stuff so that I could eat it for lunches for the coming week as I liked. That was fun, and John liked it enough that he had thirds, so I'm very happy that he likes my cooking.

Lately, with all the writing I've been doing, he's been cooking most evenings, so it was nice to not only give him a break but make something he liked, twice. The turkey dinner was a big hit too. *laughs*

Small comforting things...

The Cocoa that amberley sent me has been a godsend these last few weeks as all my other stores are completely depleted. It's been really nice to just have a hot mug every evening... so I'm finding comforts, and that's been very nice.
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...The downside of having a nickname that's also a beverage is that sometimes when I skim, I get very confused XD

And wow, snow still? It's been up into the seventies and eighties for the last two weeks here now.
Yeah... *laughs* Snow still. I envy you the warmth... we'll get it pretty soon, I hope...
Very very tasty. But snow still? Good god.

(And do you need Hobnobs? Or tea? :))
I have to agree about the snow.

Ooo... I now have a nice stockpile of tea, but Jet and I have been going through our Hobnob supplies in quick order. If you could send us six rolls of the dark chocolate ones, I'd be very happy. *laughs*

I'll be happy to reimburse costs and postage via paypal, too, since this is more of an order than an exchange. *laughs*
Can do, though this may involve a couple of packages, as I'll need to work out how to send it most cheaply.

Also, what sort of size tin of golden syrup do you want? I think it may come in several different sizes, though I admit I haven't checked recently.

It'll probably be a few days before I can get it all bought and posted.
*contemplates* Hm... that's about a kilo of syrup I need (two 454g tins), and it's actually probably cheaper for me to mail order it from here, as the tins here are only $5 a piece, but the shipping is probably quite nasty from that end of the pond already.


How about just as many dark chocolate Hobnobs as can fit in a package and I'll deal with the Lyles. *laughs* I think I actually might have an import shop locally that I could deal the syrup with.

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And, yes, days to do this is entirely reasonable, I'm not in a huge hurry for these. It's a bit of an imposition anyway... *grins*

So thank you for whenever you can get to it!