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Garden Dream

Jet woke up at 6, and I nursed him and he stayed awake, so I took him downstairs and let him play while I read the last few chapters of the first volume of Journey to the West, where Old Monkey King steals ginseng fruit (which looks like a three-day-old newborn and only thirty fruit are produced every 10,000 years and there are lots of cool miraculous properties like they can only be harvested with gold, can't touch wood, water, or earth, and must land on a bed of silk to be eaten within less than a day or they get hard) for himself and the two other disciples of Triptaka, the ultra pure and uptight monk searching for the scriptures in the West. The fruit on are this tree that's only found after going through three amazing gardens that are described in full detail, including all the specific plants to be found in each.

My herbs have come up in the last week, and I actually ate fresh chives on my scrambled eggs today. Mmm... The garden reminded me of that....

Anyway... at 7, I handed Jet over to John, who had now had eight hours of sleep, and I went back for an hour's nap and dreamed of a huge, green park with lots of trees, lush, thick, perfectly green grass, and there were huge robots marching around. One was a huge brass monkey. Another an iron dwarf. Another a contraption that seemed like jointed stilts on a cage of rainbow colored staves. There was a three-story tall 'swing' with netting pouches for 'seats' and a jointed bars for getting yourself swinging. There were also holograms all over the grounds, with light halos around them so you'd know. I walked through one of a giant Alice in Wonderland (from the Disney movie, alas). I also tried touching a gnome with the halo and heard a grumph, "Ow!" when I actually hit something solid...

That's when I woke up. I wonder what was hiding in the gnome holo?

But it was probably the least anxious dream I've had in quite a while.

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