Bleach 403

HUGE sigh

I'm so glad that the readers of this journal were right. *laughs and laughs*

And, good God, it's good to see Yoruichi in action again. *laughs and laughs* And I always love how Urahara calls her Yoruichi-san. It's just So Right. I love that so very, very much.

oh my.

I wonder if Urahara knows about the nature of his creation and what kind of danger Aizen has put himself into by 'following it'? I think that turn of phrase is going to be very interesting to follow.
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I gotta say that the first thing that impressed me in in the chapter was Yoruichi's thighs, haha! Goddamnit, that's one well-shaped woman.

But yes, it was so good to see her. I've been waiting so long for her to show up, and for some Yoruichi/Kisuke interaction. Oh, they're amazing together.

Btw, great choice of music. :3 Origa's voice is just amazing.
HA HA HA I thought the same thing look at those thighs she has one amazing body!!
Origa's voice *is* absolutely amazing...

Yoruichi has been working out for this! What do you think? She is lovely, isn't she? *grins*

They are amazing together. *happy sighs*
Plus it looks as if they and Isshin set that particular attack up, with Isshin and Urahara holding him in position, and Yoruichi attacking from above. Pity it didn't work, but...
... yeah, that implies a lot of working together that's pretty cool to think about, all in all.

So everyone in Town actually not only knew about each other but worked together. I like that.

I'm not sure if the Isshin-Urahara-Yoruichi team told the Gotei 13 team that they'd be coming in. (Though I admit we lack evidence.) Then again, perhaps they were holding back in the hopes that the Gotei 13 team would succeed...

We need more data!!!
But... where is Ukitake? *reads all spoilers just to see something about him again*
I think we're not likely to hear from anyone not directly involved in the fight until it's over ... so a great many more chapters, at the rate this fight is going.
I think the whole Gotei 13 got used up just softening Aizen up or driving him to this point. I don't think we're hearing from any of them until this is over... if then. *laughs*

I suspect that Shunsui would have been far more upset if Ukitake were actually dead, but they are old war horses.