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Jet's teething

The weekend was pretty rough, all in all. Jet was really cranky by the end of the week and it cumilated in a two hours screaming and crying session Saturday night. Poor little guy. He'd been so mad and upset and easily frustrated up to that point, we could pretty much tell he was in pain and we couldn't really do much about it other than be there for him. My left arm is now tremendously sore from carrying him so much, even with the sling.

We still got stuff done, and Sunday had an annual meeting, where probably less than a fifth of the church's congregation actually attended. That surprised me, but than I guess I was used to Eastgate's rather high percentage of active and truly involved people. With a small church, I guess more people have to be involved. With this big church, I'd been expecting, maybe, half, but it was far less. Ah well. They got things done, though, and they came up with a very interesting list of values that really fired off my imagination. I liked that.

I was pretty zombie like on Sunday, but by evening time, I got a chicken roasting on the rotisarrie outside in the gas grill, and steamed some artichokes on the stove, and we all enjoyed eating them a lot. I really love roasting a chicken, as it's pretty much no work after I rub a spice rub and some canola oil on it and let it go until the thermometer goes off. Artichokes have a lot of waste off 'em, but there's nothing like biting into the heart... with just a bit of mayo for extra yumminess.

We also managed to clean out our closet, as I discovered a moth invasion. It drove me insane, and I just had to pull everything out and clean it all out thoroughly. So we also pulled out all the summer clothing, packed away the winter clothing, and Jet played with all the clothes. He seemed to enjoy all that. When he went to sleep for his nap, we got a chance, also, to clean out all the plants that needed some work. I cleaned up the philadendron to the point where Jet can't eat any of it, and we put two spider plants that were mildly infested with tiny bugs out on the front porch. I'll get to spray them eventually, but wanted them well out of Jet's reach and well out of the way of any food when I do do that.

We also hit some garage sales as 'tis the season, and getting Jet clothes is all about hitting the garage sales every three or six months. *grin*

I also read Alton Brown's I'm Just Here For the Food from cover to cover, not a thing I often do with cookbooks. I did it with Shirley O'Connelly's Cookwise and with McGee's first book, which isn't really a cookbook, but was related in that I mostly read AB's book for the techniques. It's entirely organized around various methods of applying heat to food, and I learned a lot. It's also a pretty yummy book, all in all, especially the spice rubs sound really good, as I use them a lot on meats

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