15,000 Steps and 2800 Miles

We hit Bryce Canyon today and instead of just parking on the rim and taking a few pictures, or going cross-country skiing in a -5° F dawn like we did the last time we were here, the boys and I took a 3 mile hike down into the Canyon and took nearly 400 pictures.

You can see them starting here at the picture this link goes to.

We took part of the Navajo Loop and the rest of the Queen's loop, starting at Sunset, hitting Sunrise on the ascent, and then got back to Sunset with me carrying Jet only a little of the way. 15,000 steps for the day and I worked for a lot of them. *laughs*

We ended up Richfield, Utah, went swimming in an unheated pool outside the hotel and enjoyed it, had a very lackluster Chinese buffet for dinner and local ice cream for a treat. And we were so sore and tired I've pretty much just managed this as an entry. *laughs*


This is while we were well down in at the bottom of the canyon, looking up at all the amazing towers of stone. There was this crack to the side of the main trail. *laughs*

All right, one more... more what everyone expects of this place...

We expect to be home tomorrow. My knees are so sore I'm not sure I'll be up for much more than driving. *laughs*
Ice is my friend. *laughs* I'm at home, now, so I can just ice up and relax... my knee's up and I'm at my computer and I'm very very content.

It was good to do, though, and well worth the soreness. Whew.

Very very pretty.

and hot in the summer, but at 8000 feet, it's cooler than in the lowlands. It was actually 105 in St. George just before we got there... so I was grateful for the 85 degrees in the canyon and the breeze was so nice.
Gorgeous pictures, though I have to say the one with Jet in the little cavern is the cutest.

As for 15,000 steps I'd ask if you were nuts, but then I think the question kind of speaks for itself. ;)

Sounds like you had a fabulous vacation. Now you just need a few days sleep to make up for it. XD
And even crazier to carry Jet, but we all made it... Jet said, after that he wondered if we shouldn't have called a helicopter to get us out. *laughs and laughs*

It was nice, though. I had fun asking Jet to go into the little cave, and he liked the shade and the picture. Yay!

Yes. Sleep for a week would be marvelous now. Hotel beds just aren't like sleeping at home. XD
Thanks!! I think I'm getting better at it with practice. Especially those out-of-the-car-window ones. *laughs and laughs*

But framing is such a subjective thing... and I think my painting has helped and vice versa, as the boundaries sometimes define what the picture is...
Yes!! With the bitty one!

We had a great time at Four Corners, too. Beautiful country all around. Whew.
Thanks! It was!! And I was so glad that we went down and hiked in the canyon instead of just looking over it.