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Getting Home Again

We pretty much just pushed getting home on Wednesday, and ran the I-70 corridor without looking back. The Colorado River was very, very high, drowning trees alongside the usual banks, and overflowing onto the bike trail that runs alongside it near Glenwood Springs. I've also done so many shots of the canyon it was easy to bypass most of it.

There were a few shots of a Ridge we'd never seen before, that were really spectacular, especially with the highway winding among these huge slabs of rock.

Since then we've been gradually putting the house and life back into order for the summer.

John left on Thursday night for a UCC regional conference at La Foret, in the Black Forest area. It's a nice camping site, and the Rocky Mountain Conference has maintained and kept the area, and respected the Plains Indian sacred sites on the lands.

So it's just been Jet and I. I've been trying to write thank you notes, put hundreds of things away, restock the kitchen without being utterly ridiculous about it, and today Jet and i dodged a thunderstorm in order to use the HOA's pool. The pool's heater is working very, very well, and even in wind and mid-70's degree day it was very comfortable to swim and play in the water.

That is until there was this huge crack of lightning and the whole place shook with the boom of the thunder. "Everyone out!" *laughs* We all got out and went home in sudden, pouring rain. *laughs*

Then Jet and I did ten thousand errands, but included a trip to Dairy Queen for Jet to just make it doable and we bought a copy of "Fantastic Mr. Fox" because I was intrigued. We watched it over a dinner that consisted of my leftovers and Jet's ramen and it was good.

I didn't get to sleep until 3 am last night, so 2 is better. *laughs* I think I just really need my time alone, and since I don't get it during the day, I've been taking time at night, so I can write and think by myself. *sighs*

I'll be glad when John's back.

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