Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Wow. I'm tired.

The game last night was fun to watch, close, hard fought, and both teams came to play. It was very cool to have it be so interesting, but really hard on my system, with the lack of sleep over the weekend. I'm just zombie like today.

Should be cool to see if the Aves live up to their paychecks and their reputations of winning all the hard series.

It was cool to watch the neutral zone attack the Sharks have. It's pretty good when it's cranked up and they remember to get back when it does fail. It's pretty impressive when it does succeed, too.

I am very glad Blake's back, and it was good to see Forsburg mixing it up the way he always does, and it was really fun watching the Aves claw their way back the second part of the second period. Losing a close game is always disappointing, but I think they'll gain some more clues about how the Sharks play in their tank. *grin*. They're good about figuring things out in the longer run.

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