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Original Fic: Sheltered Coves

Title: Sheltered Coves
Character: David again. *laughs*
Rating: PG-13, for language
Summary: David thinks about finding some action at a local dance club, but gets second thoughts.
Author's Notes: This is for my 30 prompts of 1000 words each challenge with Y!Gallery's RemiDesBatons just to have us both explore how much can be done in just 1000 words. David's taken over for a while, and since I missed last weekend due to connectivity problems, too many social obligations, and being way too tired, you get two for one this week. This is 2000 words covering "Union" and "Cleansed", and yes, there were a lot of other ways to take this. *laughs* But I didn't want to jump on a cliché.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to people living or dead is pure coincidence. Copyright 2010 by Phyllis Rostykus

David stopped outside the Emerald Cove and couldn't quite make himself go through the glass door. The neon palm trees overhead on the sign lit and darkened, the black awnings were trim and tasteful, and the music spilling from the interior sounded good and loud and utterly danceable.

He hadn't danced for years, it just wasn't something Chris did, and before that...

Live bands always came to the Emerald Cove on Friday nights, and now people packed the place to the gills for some band called "Maria's Blackbird Pie". Even from the sidewalk, David could see that the crowd should have been his, as diverse as it was; the rainbow of colors, piercings, and tattoos marking a blend of hipsters, Goths, and everyday people. The blend should have made it easy for David to find someone for the night.

On the way over, David had wanted just that. Something quick and easy with no personalities, no strings attached, just something rough and tumble. Quick hard rhythms that made an easy lead into sex, to lose his thoughts for a while; but he couldn't bring himself to walk in.

David moved to the side when a female couple came out of the doors. The slender blonde wore her hair in a closely shorn boy cut and sported jeans and a white undershirt. The plumper brunette wore a mesh shirt, mini skirt, and thigh-hi's. They both watched David curiously as they walked away, and he leaned his forehead against the glass to the side of the door. A man with a purple mohawk peered out at him, metal glinting from his nose, eyebrow, and ears. David chuckled, straightened up, waved back, and then walked away.

Boots came running on concrete, and David sighed as they caught up to him.

"Hey, mister." It was the purple mohawk.

At a closer look, the man looked newly twenty. His face looked handsome to David, eyes and roots dark against brown skin, his nose a little too big to be perfect, chin a little too wide, and he still carried baby fat on his cheeks; but his leather vest hung open to the night and showed sharply defined abs and a musculature that made David look away.

"Hey," David answered.

"Didn't mean to scare you away. There's fuckin' great music in there, and the band's friends of mine and they'd kill me if they knew I'd cost 'em a cover." The apology came out in a rush, and a touch of pleading made David turn back to see dark eyes looking at him. "'Sides, Maria, you know, Maria, the lead singer? She likes studious types with glasses, so you'd like... make her smile, ya know?"

David shook his head. "I don't quite swing that way, most of the time, and especially not with musicians."

The boy tilted his head, eyes narrowing, the cock's comb of a mohawk making the gesture curiously bird-like, and he gave David an appraising look. "You dance, old man?"

David frowned in confusion, wondering if the boy was making a pass now that he knew David's orientation, or what it was that he saw in David that made him ask that question.

The boy held his hands up in an appeasing gesture. "No... no... I gotta boyfriend already in LA, wouldn't dare make a pass at someone as old as my Dad, but you just... when you were leaning against the glass... you looked so frustrated, man. It..." He suddenly shrugged, "No skin off my nose, if you don't wanna, but you look like you could use some fun."

David laughed at the last. "Now there's a sell I can't refuse," he teased. The boy blushed even under the neon lights and David was so delighted, he stopped walking and asked, "What's your name?"

"Tony, Tony Davis." The boy reached out a steady hand.

"I'm David Li. Pleased to meet you." David shook and found Tony's grip firm and warm.

"Yeah. Me, too, pops." Tony looked him in the eye, tugged a little on David's hand before letting go. "Come on."

Tony bounced around David as they walked back to the club, and jittered while David paid his cover charge. There wasn't any rhyme or reason to the dancing, just a lot of bodies moving to the high energy rock the band pumped out. Their stuff had an infectious beat, and the woman singer's clear high range made David's eyes close when she soared with her lines.

And David danced, just moved with Tony, not caring if he matched the younger man's grace. Instead of worrying, David watched Tony's eyes and balance, to mirror, mimic, or simply step into the spaces the other moved from. They whirled, grinned, and moved about each other like any two masses with gravities of mutual attraction. After the first set, they were both covered in sweat and smiling. Tony gave David a bow, which David returned with equal gravity, only to get pounded on the shoulder. Then Tony bounded to the band to help out with drinks and towels.

Glad it was a smokeless club, David wandered to the bar to get a 7-Up and just gulped it, ice and all, panting.

Maria wandered by and David found out that her smile was nearly as devastating as her voice. David finally relaxed when Tony bounded up and murmured into her ear. He saw her eyes go wide, and then her smile turned into a friendlier grin. David found himself glad as they sat and talked about Renaissance poetry as an intriguing source for lyrics for about ten minutes.

After she got called for the next set, Maria shook David's hand as firmly as Tony, and the feel of her fingers lingered on David's skin.

With the second set, David's partners changed as frequently as the songs changed. He found himself in a slow dance with a short and mildly overweight girl. She sported a lower lip ring, leather corset, and a long skirt so tight it could have qualified for bondage equipment; but she swayed gently with his every move, and they moved more easily across the floor than he expected. She smiled in a way that made David smile back, quiet and sure, and she moved so gracefully, he enjoyed each step and motion. At the end of the song, he dipped her deep and easily, and the delight in her eyes when he smoothly got her back up made him grin.

At the end of the second set, David began to feel the drain of constantly trying to assess what he had to do with each individual he met. He realized he was finished, but content. He looked for Tony, and when he found him, he said, "Thanks."

"No worries," Tony said with a grin. "We're here lots, so see you again?"

"Yeah, I'll look for you." David said easily, and got wrapped in a sweaty hug that he returned solidly before walking out the door into blessedly cool night air.

David walked the block to his TT humming quietly, a tuneless, wordless sound of happiness. He was covered in sweat, his right knee ached, but his wrists felt clearer than they had all week. He got into the car, and drove down Pacific heading back to his home on the coast. On seeing the gleam of moonlight on the wrinkled surface of the sea, David parked by the access stairs to the beach and knew what he wanted to do.

He got out of the car and walked down into the sandy cove. There was no one around, so David stripped off his t-shirt, glasses, shoes, socks, and jeans with its pockets still full. He left on his dark boxers, they'd be legal enough in these waters.

The surf crashed and foamed against the moonlit silver sands, and he walked to the water. When David's feet touched the foam of a lapping wave he hesitated. The sea this far north was good and cold, not quite as icy as on Oregon's rocky coast or Washington's bays, but it was frigid enough to tingle simply at the touch.

"Well, it's more fun than a cold shower," David said, and waded in deeper, turning to present one hip to the oncoming waves.

David yelped as the sea water first hit his balls and they tried to crawl into his body, especially after the heat of the dance club. His belly hated the cold as well, his gut hardening for a few waves, but then he got used to it. His hands and wrists, though, loved it as the water drew away the heat of the swelling in his ligaments.

He started pushing out slowly until a wave crested over his head. Rather than fight all that force straight on, David dove into the glassy side, coming up, he pushed against the sand with his legs and pulled hard at the water with his hands to get further out as fast as he could.

Two more crashing waves, and then he was out past the breakers. David's feet could no longer touch bottom. He tread water slowly, taking a deep breath and bobbing up easily in the salt water. David enjoyed the gentle rise and fall, and then chuckled as he found that he didn't feel the cold anymore. Eventually, he turned to float on his back. The water gurgled gently in his ears, the swells rocked and cradled him, and above him, spread to all sides, gleamed the white light expanse of the Milky Way. Without his glasses, David couldn't see the individual stars glitter, but he knew they were there.

In high school, after his parents had gone to sleep, David use to sneak out to swim in the sea. This felt like a reunion with something was a powerful background presence for three decades of his life.

For an endless time David lay there, basking in the sensations, feeling his body and mind relax in the motion of the waters. Eventually, he began to contemplate what he had done and hadn't done that night. He found himself glad he hadn't found a one night stand, as he'd been able to relax and enjoy the night without any worry about whether or not he'd gotten what he thought he wanted. Plus, by making the effort to meet Tony, Maria, and all the people he'd danced with, David might have made some friends to just have fun with outside work.

Best of all he'd found a good, cold solution to his libido that didn't involve brusque negotiations or worries about STDs.

David laughed at himself, and sat up to see how far the current had taken him. He could see the glow of the waves breaking within feet of him. David's sense of location in the water still served him well.

He struck out with sure strokes back to shore, catching a ride on the hiss and tumble of a wave, and delighted in the gliding feel of the water carrying him in. Back on the sand, David got his stuff and moved into the shadows of the boulders to the side of the beach. He stripped off sopping wet boxers, dried himself off with his t-shirt, and pulled his jeans back on over salt-sticky skin.

It took minutes to drive to David's rental house further down the coast, and park in the narrow driveway to the side. He walked to the front, climbed the stairs up the wooden porch, and unlocked and opened the stained glass door, hearing the neighbor's dog bark furiously at the sound of his footsteps.

The narrow, white two-story Victorian creaked and popped in the cooling night air, as David cheerfully puttered about in the now-familiar space. The big kitchen yielded a mug of hot chocolate, the deep eagle-claw footed bathtub gave him a long hot soak to get the salt off his skin, and his own bed made David content to sleep and dream of dancing with the sea.

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