Collapses in a Heap


Added three major scenes, rewrote 292 pages (~133,000 words) of very hot man-on-man smut with plot into actual, real writing that should have spontaneously combusted... and did it all with someone else.

Better yet we didn't kill each other over eight solid working days in a little less than two weeks. AND my family hasn't disowned me.

Best yet, the working relationship seems all the stronger after.

Thank you, demented_dee, for coming to visit and half-killing yourself over the manuscript with me. *laughs*.

And, uhm, yeah, this the limping excuse for why I haven't been posting much lately. I will get back on schedule with the David stories and I've blown the 1000 word limit for this week's well out of the water. :XD: I'm keeping the David stories under friend lock, so if you really want to read them, contact me and tell me why. *grins* I reserve the right to say no, but... if you've been commenting on my other stuff, it'll be easy for me to say yes.
I'm in that filter, right? Right??

By the way, thank you so much for the bid <333
Yes. Yes indeed you are. <3

*grins* You are very welcome. It's fun to encourage folks that offer things.
By the way, this manuscript of yours, is that something entirely new? Sorry, work is killing my brain and I'm having trouble catching up… Somehow I just latched on the part about David and ignored the first part of the entry XD
Yes! It's something entirely new, and something that was actually darkprism's idea to start, but I created a character to fit the premise and we kind of just went with it... 125,000 words in less than two and a half weeks... *blinks mildly*

Anyway... it's been fun. *grins*
Uhm... no. *laughs*

We did go for a couple of walks, and I went swimming, and we had ice cream a couple of times!


Yeah... eating and sleeping are overrated... I'm so tired now I just slept ten hours straight last night, which is really unusual for me...
*beams* (hugs happily)

It should be fun... we're going to do the business stuff next, to get it published, but it's nice that it's done. *dances about*