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The yearly moth migration is going through our area again.

The very first year we were here, the basement was pretty much wide open to the outside, and the moths liked hiding in the shade, so we'd have hundreds of them in the basement, trapped. They couldn't really get out the way they came in as they couldn't find it anymore, and kept dying, in droves, against the windows. That was pretty depressing.

Plus they would fly around in the house and I really hated it when they divebombed me while I was asleep. The only thing that would attract them was a bug zapping light with the attendant zap... and the night would be filled with the sound of frying insects, as these things were so huge it would take a minutes and the air would smell like burned hair. Also pretty depressing.

Fezzik would lie around the house and whenever one flew around his head, he'd just eat it. That was pretty cool.

Yesterday, I was walking down the stairs from our porch and this cloud of moths burst out from under those stairs as I stepped on them. There was a cloud of moths and, suddenly, there was also a diving cloud of birds, snatching them up as quickly as possible. That was quite a sight to see. The air filled with wings.

When we finally closed up the basement, they didn't get in quite as much anymore. I'm pretty glad of that. Still, each spring, they show up to fill the fireplace, and occasionally make it inside, and John and I catch them as best we can and throw them outside. I guess it's one way to know that it's spring, the moth migration is happening once again.

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