Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

In Memory...

Went to the memorial for a friend of ours, that John's worked with quite a bit in the last couple of years, and whom I knew and liked and talked with now and again at church. He was positive, capable, smart and solid.

Leonard Utz was once a buyer for Neiman Marcus and he loved a three-piece wool suit I'd bought from J Peterman long, long ago. He commented on it every time I wore it, and when Alzheimer's got him, he stayed at home more often, didn't come to church, and the church had a card writing thing. So I wrote him a card saying that I still remembered his comments.

He actually remembered the suit and got a good laugh from the card, which his wife told me about when I worked with her at the rummage sale.

So I wore it today to his memorial service. In 97 degree weather. It wasn't to be fashionable, really. It was just... in memory.

His son and his wife both remarked on it. And his wife loved the symbolism of it, but asked me if I was dying by the end of the service, which I took as a hint and an out. So I changed into a cooler dress before the reception, which was relaxed and good, and made his wife happy, too. Tears were shed as should be, memories shared as they should be, we got to meet more of his family, and I got to meet their two Scotty dogs. That was nice.

I was glad I went, and have all the more good memories of a very good man.
Tags: death, ucc

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