Blue Jyuushiro

Last Minute Reminder

The auction closes at midnight tonight!

The community gulf_aid_now has organized auctions to help various aid agencies in the Gulf area, and I'm offering a fic with at least 1000 words with any pairing in Bleach, Tsubasa RC, DOGs, Naruto, or Saiyuki.

Proceeds may go to the Backbay Mission, The Louisiana Gulf Response Volunteer Program, or the charity of your choice. Many thanks to mikkeneko for being the high bidder at this point.

Many thanks to hidden_gems for pointing me at the community.
And thank you so much for your bid! I trust you got the message from the mod telling you you'd won. Let me know how you want to discuss what you'd like from me.

I did!! I did!! *laughs* *dances about in glee* Hmm... I'm going to have to think a bit as I make my donation...
Where do you want me to send the receipt? I picked the Nature Conservancy as it has more stuff directly toward the gulf spill than the others.

*dances about*

I love Ukitake or Jin or uhm... my David if you wanted to. There's enough physical references for David about, I think, though I really could use a few more of West. *laughs* I'll leave the choice up to you as to which of those four you decide to draw for me?

Can you send it to me as a private message? That would be great.

And whoa, so much choice! I'm afraid to say I really wouldn't feel confident for West, but I could do David, I think. Gives me a reason to go poke around your account here and on y!G 8D I might send you the rough sketch to check if it even looks like David, depending on how happy or not I am with it ^_~