Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

A Little Ink Time

I finally got some time to paint in the last week, and the lovely summer_queen bought a painting so I had a wonderful excuse to go and back a lot of stuff.

I'm just going to throw a bunch of thumbnails here, and you can click to see what you like, as some of these are experimental, and others. I also have a very nice picture of Jet's tree stuffy as well.

Welcoming PineBambooBlack and White Orchid -- Single FlowerPlum Branches
Bamboo Three StemsBlack and White OrchidPurple ChrysanthemumColor Bamboo and Sparrow
SparrowsIMG_2088Chrysanthemum 1Chrysanthemum Small

Jet's Stuffy
Jet spent a lot of time hand sewing all the leaves onto the tree, and then let me do all the machine stitching. He stuffed it himself and really liked buying and picking out all the pieces, the beads, the colors, and the contrast stitching.

He's now starting an ice cream sandwich stuffy that's very, very cute. Hee. I'll put pictures up of that when you figure it out as well.

It's really fun to help Jet out with what he wants to do, and having him be really confident about sewing what he wants to make.
Tags: painting
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