I put in three different samples and got three different authors. :) For the first sample, I got Stephen King. For the second I can't remember. For the third, I got Margaret Atwood. :)
Oooo!! Right... after doing a couple more, I got Margaret Atwood, too, (bleh) and J.K. Rowling! *laughs* But most of them get the King designation, so I'm good with that. *laughs*
I put up the first couple of paragraphs of Blind Desire and got the same result. Since I like King, I'm pretty much okay with that *laughs*.
Margaret Atwood and Chuck Palunuck (or however it's spelled) and that's just two different pieces out of one chapter *laughs*
I kinda want to shove like a whole chapter in there and see what it does with that *laughs* I think it'd be interesting.

but really, I honestly think I'd rather just write like me. you know???
They give Stephen King utterly too much credit.

I got a whole bunch of different authors, but mostly Ray Bradbury and Kurt Vonnegut.
It was the Ray Bradbury one that twigged me onto the thought that it probably isn't truly a matter of style, but of keywords. For example, the last fic I wrote had a lot to do with pen, brushes, ink and calligraphy. Well, so does Bradbury's novel about bookburnings. The name came up again with another fic that dealt with an automatic word association exercise that involved calligraphy.

People who've been writing fics for fandoms like Weiss Kreuz, which involve telepaths and precognisants, get labelled "Dan Brown" even though they have no similarity.

So, you probably the odd occult word in your story that Stephen King uses, so that's why your story got labelled as similar. Mind, Stephen King has written his share of good yarns ...
Yeah, keywords are a lot easier for a program to find than for a quick program to determine style.

Intriguing about the Brown comparison.

And, yeah, the piece was of Shunsui in the graveyard... so King fits. *laughs*

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Edgar Allen Poe. Yes!

Now I know why this:

"Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore,"

feels like such a good fit. *grin*
I guess that means it's OK to make your book a THOUSAND PAGES long!

Just sayin'.
AHA! It seems like a lot of my f-list has been getting him too, including me (the second time ). Maybe it's just the content not the style? I have no idea.
I got James Joyce the third fourth and fifth time.