Too Early In The Morning

When John asked me, a few months back, if we should save over a hundred bucks by taking a 6a.m. flight out of Denver instead of a later flight out, I said sure... I mean... a hundred bucks is a hundred bucks, no? And it's good for a week's worth of groceries or eating out a few times, or.... stuff.

I just didn't realize just how painful it would be to get up at 3 a.m. to make it to DIA on time. We did okay, though, and really enjoyed our four hour layover in Nashville, TN

I tried to sleep on the drive to the airport, but didn't manage it, and with the wind, the 52 degree night time temps were more cutting than I expected in the cheap shuttle parking away from the airport. Jet had a jacket though, and with a little persuasion he used it. He was very cheerful while I was surly as anything. *laughs* He and John are both morning people, but Jet and I had this discussion that it isn't really morning until after breakfast, and it's night after dinner, so we had gotten up in the middle of the night and it was going to still be night until breakfast.

At DIA we ran into very little trouble, though the Southwest counter was really busy, and when we hit security there must have been a rodeo that just broke up out of town or there was one that everyone was going to on some plane as we had twenty some lithely muscled tanned cowboys with hats, boots, hat boxes, trick ropes, and buckles as big as plates in line with us.

One cowboy in line with us took off these amazing boots that had lime green panels of tooled leather up the calves, when the saddle of the boots themselves looked like any other brown boot, and his buckle set off the metal detector so loudly he laughed.

We went to McDonald's for breakfast as I was craving a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit and Jet was jonesing for the hash browns. He ate two of them. The meal came with coffee, but I couldn't drink it. *laughs* I keep saying I'm not a coffee snob, really I'm not, but then something comes along that makes me eat my words. It makes me amused to say that the other thing that makes me eat my words is that we just bought a bunch of green coffee from Sweet Maria's, and I bought both a Brazilian Cup of Excellence and a Hawaiian pure Kona. I started roasting my own beans on a Hawaiian Kona and a Blue Mountain Jamaican bean, so I was so sure I'd love the Kona again.

But I didn't!! Against the Brazilian Cup of Excellence, the Kona was just mild and...well...bland.

*headdesks* Yeah...I am NOT a coffee snob, I am NOT a coffee snob... I just... gah, don't like Kona as much as it costs anymore...*laughs*

And I can't drink a regular McDonald's coffee, even with whitener in it. Oops.

We made it to our flight, inhaled our breakfasts, and got nearly front row seats on the plane as it wasn't that full. On the plane I realized our layover was going to be in Nashville, TN, so I txt'ed a friend in TN to ask them what to have for lunch. Then I just fell asleep, as hard as I could, completely missed the drinks and didn't care, and slept for two hours until they announced our descent.

We walked the whole airport twice, wandered into shops, and ended up having really wonderful Witts BBQ and Swett's soul food. The baked squash was to die for along with the fried okra, mac and cheese, and greens that we had with pulled pork and a BBQ pork chop. Jet found a slice of pizza he could really get his teeth into and we settled by the gate to wait for the flight out. Jet watched Avatar, The Last Airbender while John read the New York Times, and I knitted and read Scientific American.

I never knew Botox was made with the toxin from botulism. *just eyes that* One of the world's most deadly of poisons made for beauty treatments.

The flight to Hartford was a bit bumpy and the plane was completely full, babies and all. Every time I fly Southwest I'm just really happy that I own their stock, as they do seem to be doing all the right things that really keep customers happy to pack their planes completely full for nearly every leg in the summer. And in a low economy the business class folks line up to pay that ten dollars to get their choice of all the equally spaced seats.

I loved that flying out of Nashville we sat by a guy in a rhinestone t-shirt who makes his living as an MC for parties. There was a man with a full sleeve tattoo, piercings of his lip and eyebrow, a cute fedora, and a seat he'd bought for his chihuahua who watched everyone loading onto the plane with a bored eye.

Hartford wasn't quite as hot but just as humid as Nashville, and we found Isabel, John's mother, at the baggage claim as we walked into the area. We got our baggage and rental car without a hitch and drove out to Vermont. I slept most of that way, too, and Jet passed out in the back seat. He woke up before I did, but the nap made me a little woozy and headachy.

Anne, John's cousin, fed us when we got to the Inn, a nice little supper of grilled cheese (though I asked for a bialy for my bread), carrots, and cherries. Simple food and we really didn't need much after sitting for so long. Still, my step counter says we did over 13,000 steps today, so I count it as being good. Turns out I went over 10,000,000 steps with my pikachu pedometer in a few days over four years... *laughs* Which isn't bad. It averages out to about 8000 steps a day.

John talked a lot with his mom and Anne while Jet and I played some nitrome and I put him to bed around 10 and he's still not quite asleep yet, as his usual bed time at home is 9 for the summer. Jet is a creature of habit. John fell into bed just a few minutes ago and is fast asleep. I should probably do the same. But we're safe and here in Vermont, and the next few days and the weekend should be full of activities and people.

Glad you arrived safe and sound. Hope you all have a fabulous time.

BTW I love Nashville and the food there, they seem to have such a wide variety and mostly great content. We have friends that live just outside Nashville and family that lives a bit south and it's such a great city. Wish you'd gotten a chance to see more than the airport. XD

I'll have to fix that sometime. Though I got a lot of looks, I guess nearly six foot tall Asian women aren't that common around here. (okay... nearly anywhere, perhaps, but I got a LOT of looks...)

Ooo... I'll have to ask you the next time I'm in the area.
See? I complain all the time about getting up at 2:45am four/five days a week for my job and people never seem to believe how awful it is. You never get used to it either. NEVERRRRRRR.

Oh...and the botox thing? Yeah, people are just plain STUPID to use it. Age gracefully people. It happens to the best of us.

Indeed I do!! It's such a pain. Whew. I'd never be able to do what you were doing. NEVER!

Hee about the botox, yeah. I don't even dye my hair... *laughs*
I can totally sympathise with the pain of early morning flight, and am glad you got there safely.

And yes, Botox comes from botulism! :) Which in turn derives from the Latin "botulus", for sausage, because... well, you can probably deduce why the disease got named after a type of preserved meat.
OOoo!! I hadn't known about the Latin derivative! That makes far far too much sense.
Botox has its place - It has done amazing things in the world of migraines (helping with trigger points) and for muscle contractures (strokes, muscular dystrophy, etc) it has been nothing short of miraculous.

I learned that about Botox when I was reading about orphaned pharmaceutical work with respect to diseases that only affected a very small number of the population. Botox started out as a way to deal with those small muscle contractures.

That many countries have laws in place to help companies do more research into drugs for very uncommon diseases. "Only" a few million sufferers isn't enough for most companies to bother with, which just flabbergasts me.

The problem they were pointing out that since Botox itself is such a popular drug, all the black market folks are starting to produce botulism toxins to *make* counterfeit versions of the drug which can make for a hell of a mess on the international terrorism scene. I mean... kitchen botulism toxin on a vast scale and you have enough toxin to kill a small city quickly...

Reality is always odder than fiction can be. *laughs*

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Very happy you enjoyed Nashville.

('tis a good place...)

A note on Botox: yep. Made from toxin and is basically injecting paralyzing poison into skin/muscle. It's done wonderful things for one of my friends, however, who has something wrong with her vocal chords(the name of the disease escapes me). They vibrate incorrectly, affecting her speech, much like someone with Parkinson's. They do two lateral injections every six months or so, and she can speak more-or-less normally.

However...Botox is tested on dogs, so I'm led to understand, and it's...well. *shrugs* About as bad as you can imagine. Granted, not advocating they test such things on humans - as while I understand animal rights activists, I also see the medical side - but their methods are extreme. As well...it's *poison.* Anyway, for medical purposes? Awesome. All those remove-lines-and-wrinkles-from-my-face-to-never-have-expression-again? Naaah...


*scampers off*

Yeah. I agree. *grins*

Huh. I also found out about mosquito netting with insecticide on it for the mosquito problem in malaria countries! That has actually brought the incidence of malaria down significantly already. Problem with writing sf... *laughs* reality supercedes it quickly.

I love elegant solutions.

you must be the only person EVER to have used the words "really enjoyed our four hour layover in Nashville, TN." *laughing*