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Getting to New Haven

We actually spent a wonderful morning in Maine, right near the hotel. We did mini-golf, had lobster rolls for lunch, and ended up stealing a little internet access from the hotel in order to check into our flight. Then we zoomed to New Haven, CT, to be near our airport and Frank Pepe's Pizza and Libby's Italian Bakery and had a very wet and tasty evening.

Putt Putt Golf
The boys were actually very good about letting me sleep in as much as I could this morning, and we bought a few muffins from a nearby bakery, so I was set for my breakfast as Jet liked grazing from what they'd setup for the guests. John got coffee and cream for me, so I was very content before we headed off to the Mini-Golf place nearby.

It was a nice little course, with a very well maintained garden all around, ponds, flowing water ways, and a lot of well-kept lawn all around. The holes were challenging enough for the three of us and all three of us were within a couple strokes of each other. Jet was beating the both of us through the first six holes, which was fun.

There was one point where I got kind of nervous though, as there were three Mosquito Magnets all lined up together along one grassy area and they were all running. They give me a run for the money for attracting mosquitoes, but if there are enough of them around, I usually get bit. Whew.

The day itself was surprisingly clear and hot, given all the rain the last two days. Yesterday, while we were on the beach, it started raining, and it was kind of odd going into the ocean while the rain fell; but it was a warm summer rain and felt pretty good.

Lobster Roll
We went back to the Salty Bay fish shack and got two lobster rolls and bought Jet some scallops after hitting a grocery store for drinks and fresh blueberries for some real fruit to go along with our lunch. It was very, very good, and just as sweet and tasty as I remembered it from last year. The price was good, too, a full three dollars less than anything we could find at Old Orchard or in town.

The view of the salt marshes, some landed fishing boats, and the Amtrak railway in the distance where trains glided by in relative silence given the distances was still beautiful, and under the full sun it was really hot but peaceful. No bugs to bother us in that heat, and we enjoyed our lunch before we wandered about the Point a little and ended up parking in the parking lot of the hotel to check into our flight the day before. Southwest is pretty good about getting good placements if you do the online check in on time. So we have pretty good relative line placement tomorrow.

Once that was done from the one spot we knew had wireless access, we packed up and headed to Connecticut. I slept for part of the drive, but was actually able to work on some writing, before falling asleep again, hard before we got there. There was a huge thunderstorm with rain pouring down so thick nearly no one could see the road for a few miles, and everyone slowed down for that, thank goodness. Then it lightened a little, so that folks could just drive, but John found out from his mom that they'd had a Tornado on Tuesday right after her flight left, with quarter-sized hail! Whew.

Two medium pies
We continued our food adventures by standing outside Frank Pepe's pizzaria in the pouring rain for a good ten to fifteen minutes before folks in the waiting room got seated and we got to wait inside for a bit. The party of eight in front of us decided not to split up, so we got a table before they did. We got white birch beer, one medium tomato pie with mozzarella and one medium pie with fresh clams and white sauce and no cheese. All to eat there. We got to see them actually shovel coal into the coal-fired pizza oven, and I got a quick video of them vacuuming the pizza side of the oven out and clean it before another batch of pizzas.

That was really good. The pizzas were bigger than I thought, but we nearly ate them all anyway, as the thin crust made it easy to eat quite a few slices. Even Jet got four pieces of his pie into himself relatively easily.

Libby's Italian Pastry Shop
But that left little to no room for the authentic Italian ices and gelato served by Libby's Italian Pastry Shop next door. Even Jet said that he was too full for Italian ice, which is really unusual for him. Instead, I bought half a pound of pignoli cookies from the pastry shop, just to try them out. They ship all over the US, but I needed to find out of they were worth shipping in the first place. At eighteen dollars a pound for the cookies themselves, it's not as if I'd want to buy a couple of pounds AND ship them to find out what they were like.

So I bought a small box of them, and on the way back to the car, we saw that now that it wasn't raining quite as hard, and it was more toward the usual dinner hour, the line outside Pepe's had quadrupled. So we'd arrived at the right time.

We're just an hour out from the airport, so we should be good to go in the morning. And maybe I'll try one of the cookies just to see if it's worth getting a few more to drag through security. *laughs*

I'll admit that I am finally really tired, and glad that we're going home tomorrow. I really do look forward to my bed, and getting home to our pool and being home with our friends again. I loved the people we got to see and meeting and talk with this trip, and really enjoyed the ocean and all the things we've seen and food we've eaten; but I am ready for home.

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