Home Again Home Again

We are home again. Yay! Safe and sound. The drive to the airport was easy and sunny compared to the pouring down rain the day before, and the tornado earlier in the week. The flights were uneventful, and our connection in Chicago was quick and easy. We managed to find hot dogs, steak sandwiches, and Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

It was nice getting home. We just aired out the house while we went to Noodles and Company so that Jet could have his favorite meal of buttered noodles, and then hit the grocery store to restock the fridge and pantry. Since then I've been trying to catch up and settle back into life at altitude. The dreams have been odd lately, high-powered and with a thread of anxiety I haven't had in a long time.

Two more friends have died in the last week. One that we used to share Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners with in Seattle, died on Wednesday morning after a long bout with a stroke and dementia. The other was the father of a family at church who died suddenly of a heart attack.

I'm getting a little tired of death this year. *sighs* I need to burn more offerings, I guess. Just to quell the ghosts.

We're doing well, though, and there have been a rash of pool parties and lake parties this weekend, leaving me time to finally write at home. Got 12,000 words done today, which... uhm... still boggles my mind a little, but it's nice to really go at it hard.
*grins* Yeah. It was fun, too. It's nice to know the general direction of a plot and just go with it.
Welcome back!!

Sorry to hear about your friends' death, but holy… 12,000 words in A DAY?? I'm lucky if I get 1,000 out most of the time XD And hey, can't wait to read the 2 new East and West instalments on y!G!

Oh and hey, I'm not sure I'll be able to draw David for the end of the month, but I'll try. Don't want to rush it just for the sake of getting it done in time.
Yes, you should take what time you need to draw him as you wish!!

*grins* I'm glad that you get to read the stories!

And, yeah... 12,000 in a 14 hour day. *laughs* Darkprism and I have been talking for months about plot things and we were finally able to write together.
Yeah. Another 10,000 now. *eyes Prism and myself*

I think we are a little crazy for these two.
Welcome back!

I'm sorry to hear about the anxious dreams, and about the loss of your friends. I hope the rest of the year brings more peace and stability.

Congratulations on the writing--that is mind-boggling. But awesome.

It was very awesome. We'd been talking about the main line of the plot and the major scenes for the last month, so when we finally got together we just went for it in a fourteen hour marathon.

It is fun to be productive.

I'm sorry about your friends.

Also, yay for productive day! And while your trip looked like lots of fun, it's always nice to be home again.
*hugs back warmly*

They are lots of fun, but it is always nice to be *home* again, yes.
I'm glad y'all are home safe, and sorry for the deaths. O:( I also don't have a good icon for that.
Yeah, I have no good icon for that, either. *laughs*

Angels... I'll think angels and it will be good enough.

*hugs gently*
*hugs* I'm so happy you made it home safely after having such a lovely time.

Your intense dreams are not that surprising, even a peripheral death can be fairly traumatic, and what you've experienced this past year seems much more close to home than that. *more hugs*

I tip my hat to you on the word count. I am green with envy. :)