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Falls over Laughing


I now KNOW I'm good when Scientific American, this month, came up with the same analysis I did for David of bacterial breakdown of petroleum in the Gulf and why the "super bacterias" the known, prominent companies in the business made for the problem aren't doing as much as they'd hoped.

Doing this near-term speculation is funny, though, as by the time the book comes out the Sci Am article will be a year older than our publication... *laughs and laughs*

And I'll admit I hadn't thought of the oxygen take-up problem. Hm...
Congrats and go you. I always knew you were a smart cookie.

I just got this bizarro idea of you sending in your idea to BP, but as the story you're writing (complete with the sex scenes).

yeah, obviously I'm cracked in the head or need sleep or something.
YES! It'd have to be *complete* with the sex scenes 'cause goodness knows they need to loosen up a little.

*happily dies laughing*

I love your brain on lack of sleep or whatever it is. *giggles so much*

It is cool to have corroboration, though, on the thoughts. Whew.

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Your research skills have always been entirely impressive. I raise my glass to you, ma'am!