Bleach 414

*just falls over*


*blink* I'm so confused AND so....

Gosh. And here I was hoping Gin would turn, but... Rangiku.... Gah.... and I'm now completely befuddled on exactly what it was that happened or what's illusion and what's to be seen and why Gin killed(?) her and THEN hit Aizen with his double-whammy...

Poison. Why didn't it kill Byakuya? Or was it that without leaving the powder, he doesn't poison them?

Or is that just... hundreds and hundreds of chapters ago and why the hell do I remember that he hit Byakuya in the breast when he was protecting Rukia? *laughs*

I love that Gin found a way around the illusion, but.... I'm still kind of blinking at the swift change between 413 and 414....
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I think the poison may only be part of Gin's bankai though? Or is he no longer in bankai? That's pretty amazing if he could get a hit like that on Aizen with just shikai. In any case I definitely think leaving the poison or not is something he can control.

As for Rangiku, I very much doubt he killed her. I'd be very surprised if he did.

And as for the change of pace between 413 and 414, things actually flow a lot better if you just don't read 413, which is what I did, ahahahaha. After reading the spoilers last week I was just like "nope, don't need to read that one." Picked up this week and it's like I didn't miss a thing!

I'm just hoping Aizen really takes a hit here. His schtick is about to get really tired here in a minute.

Nice choice of song, by the way.
I so agree!! I don't think Gin actually killed Rangiku, but that one shot was very, very convincing. GAH!!

*laughs* I like your solution FAR TOO MUCH! *laughs and laughs*

I agree about the damned schtick. Damnit. I hate invincible ANYTHING, and Aizen's as close as to not damned well matter. Grrrr... it's getting pretty old. *laughs*
I'm still hoping that Gin isn't going to go all psycho, take the Hougyoku (or however you spell that name) for himself and turn into Mega Baddie. I want to believe he didn't kill Rangiku, just did something to make Aizen believe he did. But… Gin back with the good guys? Doesn't seem likely to happen, right? And anyway, Aizen's not going to go down so easily *sigh*
Ah, see, I *want* him to be the amoral trickster, so badly. I will be horribly disappointed if he turns out to be a good guy, rather than doing his own thing.

(and as someone pointed out elsewhere, he quite likely used kidou to block Matsumoto's reiatsu -- I don't see him killing her)

I mean... even if he does the 'right' thing, I want it to be motivated by his own reasons, NOT "Because it's Good"! that would be SOOO WRONG.

To have his Rangiku, to have her HIS. That I could take as a reason... that he's just tired of always being under Aizen's thumb, or because he believes that he has to betray EVERYONE that seems to depend on him or assume he'll do exactly what they want... that I could take.

But no, no goody-two-shoes Gin for me. A cool snake in the grass willing to strike any heel for the sake of the strike. That would fit. *grins*
Yeah, I'm not sure Gin will ever be a "good guy"....

And I agree about Aizen not going down THAT easily. *laughs*

It is interesting that Gin seems to act at just the right time to protect the kids...
So err… Gin-who-happens-to-be-on-the-same-side-as-the-good-guys-because-it-suits-his-own-goal…? ^_^"

Yes, let's not forget that Aizen's in semi-God mode *siiiiigh* and DONT' YOU KNOW ONLY ICHIGO CAN DEFEAT HIM??
I refuse to believe that Rangiku is dead. Refuse, I tell you.

I'm wondering if the 413-414 whiplash has anything to do with needing more time on the artwork in this chapter. The way Gin was drawn in this--all the gestures, all the expressions--must have taken a lot of time to get right.
*joins you in the ranks of those who simply REFUSE*

That may be... Gin was amazing in those.
Hey, me again…

About your gulf aid pic, is there a particular expression you'd like me to try for David?

I'm not sure. *laughs* Part of me wants happy. *grins* It's about time he was happy.

Another question I forgot to ask… Will you want the old black lines with cell shading or the more recent coloured lines and soft shading style I've been using?

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I'd been on the fence about Gin's motives for a long time. Was he a double agent? Was he really under Aizen's control? Was he just in it for shits and giggles as long as the ride lasted?

I'm still not sure of his motives/position, but I now doubt he was ever loyal/faithful to Aizen. I could still see him doing what he did for some promised reward from somebody though.

And I don't think he killed Masumoto despite him saying he was a snake.
Yes. I can't quite see Gin as "loyal" for the sake of loyalty. Ever...

I agree with the last, utterly. And it might be his own bitterness speaking there as well. *shivers*

I love how KT can make me feel sorry for him even as I am all "ON NO!" over what he's done....