Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

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Bleach 414

*just falls over*


*blink* I'm so confused AND so....

Gosh. And here I was hoping Gin would turn, but... Rangiku.... Gah.... and I'm now completely befuddled on exactly what it was that happened or what's illusion and what's to be seen and why Gin killed(?) her and THEN hit Aizen with his double-whammy...

Poison. Why didn't it kill Byakuya? Or was it that without leaving the powder, he doesn't poison them?

Or is that just... hundreds and hundreds of chapters ago and why the hell do I remember that he hit Byakuya in the breast when he was protecting Rukia? *laughs*

I love that Gin found a way around the illusion, but.... I'm still kind of blinking at the swift change between 413 and 414....
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