Sometimes I Have To Just Be Happy

Really. I do.

demented_dee and I got our manuscript together, and Darkprism did the cover letter and other bits and we submitted it to Torquere Press last Friday. It's a gay D/s and bdsm romance, so it fits their market pretty thoroughly.

We actually heard back from them on Sunday morning, simply telling us that they received the manuscript; but that was nice to get.

I'm really proud and happy about getting a whole book written, edited, and actually submitting it. The fact that Darkprism and I are probably most of the way through a second book and wrestling with it has kind of obscured the "omg, we submitted something for publication", but I really want to just savor the fact that we have. It's solid, character-driven, and has good plot, and I feel good about that, and happy that my writing abilities have improved over just these few months.

I wanted to know what it felt like to write a whole novel, and now I do. It's mostly just a lot of good, hard work that employs my whole brain in ways that I really enjoy, as it's been both right and left brain stuff that I never got to use all at once the way I get to do with writing. And, yes, I probably should now go write some hard SF or allow myself to write something more along the lines of Sean Stewart's fantasies. I am thinking through lots of things for the AI-driven "Journey to the West".

But I can't help but remember emailing Sean for a few months about his books, and how much I loved them and how little he'd been told that people really, really enjoy them and how little those books were appreciated. And how much more fun and popularity he now has not writing anymore. It's one of those odd things that linger.
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Congrats on submitting. I hope you hear something positive back from them. I've enjoyed my time with TQ. What author name are you going with?
It will be H. J. Raine. *smiles*

Thank you!! I think your experience really helped with our decision to go with them after looking long and hard at three other publishers as well.
Cool. Be sure to keep us updated/posted on what happens.

They were very helpful with any questions/problems I had. prompt, too. I'd still like to get some stuff in with Samhain, but since I don't know why they rejected BD I don't know what it is that they didn't like so can't modify/change any future submissions to them.
Very cool about them being prompt! Neat to know about Samhain, as well, though that would be kind of annoying to not have any idea what went wrong. Hmph.
I sent them a nice thank you letter as I don't want to burn any bridges anywhere. I understand them getting hundreds of submissions and not having the time to give an indepth breakdown of what was wrong, but something general would've helped, y'know.

You guys have really done slot of work for this. So much has come together so quickly. I have my fingers firmly crossed for your publication, I can't wait to read it all when it comes out.
Thanks! Yeah, I'm still a little dizzy with how *fast* it all has been, but all to the good.

Thanks for the luck! We'll need it.
I am thinking through lots of things for the AI-driven "Journey to the West".

You have sent me to a happy place.
Incidentally, while I'm thinking about it, if I have not vigorously promoted "Coffee Prince" to you (a.k.a. "First Shop of Coffee Prince") let me do so now. It's a Korean tv series (more like a telenovela) that runs for 17 hour-long episodes. (You can watch it for free on Hulu.com if you register, or at a less good quality on dramafever.com without registering. Both have commercials.) It's a romantic comedy, so you're not going to get many surprises out of the plot, but it relies heavily on standard KDrama conventions, so everything is framed in a way Chris describes as "very Confucian" which was fascinating for me to watch, and I think you would appreciate.

But the real reason I want to push it at you is that it is a glorious summation, in fiction form, of why slash fiction and bishonen romances can be such a powerful feminist statement.

I enjoyed it so much, I think everyone should give it a view, but I realize I'm not very objective in my love for it. If you end up not grooving on it, that's fine too. I realize I occasionally fixate on things that don't display the same way for others. (In other words, your mileage may vary.)
fingers crossed.

I *love* Sean Stewart's writing; I was so disappointed when he went into games and ARGs instead - they just don't do it for me the way books do and while I enjoy hundreds of good writers, there are a handful of favourites and Charles de Lint is the only truly prolific one (apart from Heyer and she's prolif'd out). good that he's happier though.
I have to agree. I am not into ARGs and games as much, I just love books so much, and I miss the Stewart writing so much I want to do *that*.

I loved Heyer as well... *sniffles* maybe that's why I'm so drawn to romances.
*giggles* Do you have any idea how much I LOVE that icon?!?!?

We will!! *dances about happily*
wow, I am just so amazed at all the writing you've been doing. Congratulations. *snuggles and hugs*
Oh wow dear! That's amazing news! Congratulations! :D Keep us posted because you can bet I'll be buying! <3