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Thunderstorms, Messed-up Knee, and a Good Summer

It's been a very wet summer. Lots of rainstorms, thunderstorms, and a long wet spring that led into a very wet summer. It's actually been humid here! After commenting about condensation on drink glasses in Vermont, it was funny to get home and actually have condensation on our glasses here, which we never get.

The garden likes it, and everything out here on the Front Range is unusually green. The sun's still be out, and it's still been hot, but the tomatoes are a little slower, though the corn and produce has been good around here and the farmers are talking about bumper crops and there's hay everywhere. My allergies have been mostly under control, too, as the nearly daily rains have washed all kinds of stuff out of the air.

I think my favorite thing has been doing backstroke in the neighborhood pool while watching the many-layered sky flow above me. I hadn't known that there were swallows in the neighborhood, or that dragonflies would fly that far. The sparrows zigzag their way through the air, and the commercial jets sail serenely above.

I was also trying, very hard to stay up with my exercise regime, and really enjoyed weightlifting according to The New Rules of Lifting for Women . I really loved how solid the workouts were the first three I did, but my right knee, which has been bothering me since the winter, started really, really bothering me with the dead lifts and stair steps.

So badly that it took me a few days to recover, so I kind of got thrown from that, and then swimming and biking have been aggravating it even more so.

My massage therapist recommended and orthopedic doctor in Boulder, and I went to him last week. He talked with me, asked me what was up, and I told him, he asked me a bunch of questions, did some physical manipulation of both knees, and then at one point, he touched a spot on the right knee and said, "Does that hurt?"

And I winced and tried to pull away as, yes, it did... and it didn't on the left. So there is definitely something wrong with the right knee. So I get to go get another MRI this Friday morning, and we'll get to see what's really going on. Since it has lasted for months and months and hasn't been a problem that developed in the short term, the doc thought it better to see what's actually going on in there before we do anything. I'm half hoping that it's something that can be fixed.

With all the marathon writing I've been doing lately, with the books and stuff, my old hand/arm/upperbody problems have come back. By just moderating enough so that I'm not doing 14-hour and 10-hour or even a whole bunch of eight hour constant writing jags in a row, I'm getting better. In the spring, before Jet got the summer off, I was only writing from about 9 to about 2, and then I'd do some exercise and then play with Jet, do dinner, and Jet homework, and then put him to bed. Only after he was in bed did I write for an hour or two more, and then go to sleep.

For the summer, since I'm snatching what blocks I can, it's been a little crazy when I can, including far too many stints into two in the morning on my part. But it's hard and odd to run back into the brick wall of my physical limitations. I hate having to acknowledge them, but if I don't I'll get disabled. With all the mortality happening around me, I can't help but think about what I haven't done yet, and what I really need to do.

My art show is now finalized for January of 2011, so it's solid now, and I'm still in the process of painting for it. It's funny how my "practice" pieces sometimes turn out better than the final ones, and how I find that it's nearly impossible to recreate something I've long ago given away. *laughs* The breath of the moment...and a few weeks away always makes it so that I've lost my touch with it, so I always need to do a few things that I just hate before I finally get the control I want again.

But better to paint and write more slowly than not to do them at all.
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