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The rest of the week with Darkprism was good and fun, and filled with some really amazing food, and I learned a lot during a tarot reading, which was good. One of which is that my usual habit of trying to look on the positive side of things is a useful trait and one that's going to get me through a lot of things in much better shape than if I concentrated on the negative. And it always helps me to write about what's good here.

Got home Friday at about midnight, and found out that I'd left my lights on in my car. Luckily, the parking lot has a pretty good rescue truck service, and I called the number on the lot ticket and then called Darkprism to tell her I got on the ground safe. I then called John and kept him on the line until the truck came as I wasn't quite sure just how safe I'd be there by myself. The truck came pretty quickly, and they had jumper cables. The guy tried using a "jump in a box", but the Passat's a diesel, so it needs a little more help. So when he got the cables hooked up to the truck, it worked like a charm.

No real damage to anything, so that was good, and I got home safe and sound. Figured it's what I get for traveling on Friday the 13th. *laughs* And a good thing to get away with in some sense, as bad luck could have been much, much worse.

Since I came in on a Friday, I couldn't get my allergy shots for the next two days, and I ended up getting an eye infection in my right eye, which seems kind of susceptible to reacting badly to allergens. It's the same eye that got infections for the last several years at about this time of the year.

Also, on Saturday John's cousin Anne, the one that owns the inn in Vermont, came into town with her daughter Aeran to get her settled at Naropa, a small, private college in Boulder. They came on the train from Vermont, taking a couple of days, but able to bring all kinds of luggage that would have been impossible on a plane. That same Saturday, John had an all day meeting in Denver, and it turned out that with their train coming in late into Denver, he was able to pick them up directly from the station and bring them home, rather than their taking a bus up to Longmont. So it worked out just fine.

Jet and I had a blast just being together and playing games and enjoying each others company, since I'd been away that whole week.

That night, Jet had a sleep over, and Anne and Aeran had friends they wanted to have dinner with, so John and I were able to go to the Sugarbeet for our 23rd anniversary dinner, a week late, but still happy to do it. The Sugarbeet is a local restaurant that we really like, it's more high end, but the dishes are lovely, often local when they can, and they do very well by their ingredients. Admittedly we started out with fresh shucked oysters, which were flown in, but they were delicious and tiny, tender and sweet. John got a lovely habanero glazed pork chop with black eyed peas, while I got a rare bistro steak with shoestring potatoes that were crisp and delicate, and a lovely wilted spinach with garlic, sweet peppers, and onions. We ended the meal with desserts. John getting a lovely peanut butter ice cream pie while I got a hazelnut chocolate torte kissed with Frangelico. I asked for a single shot of decaf espresso with just a little foam, and when it came it was perfect. It's really hard to pull a good shot at altitude, and the barista or bartender did a beauty of a shot that was sweet and perfect under the foam. The sweetness of the torte didn't hurt, but there was no bitterness or over-extraction. I was so pleased.

Jet did his overnight. So we all bailed on church on Sunday and just slept in, but John made waffles for everyone and we all ate them happily before Aeran and Anne went off to get Aeran moved into her apartment/dorm. That night Aeran brought a roommate to dinner, and we all had roasted corn on the cob, plank-roasted salmon, zucchini cooked with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and green chili, and brown jasmine rice in pleantitude. Jet was really, really happy that we all got to play Apples to Apples afterward as well.

On Monday I got my shots, found out that it didn't help my eyes out as much as I'd hoped so Tuesday I went into the doctor's and got an antibiotic drop that also had an antihistamine that really helped my eyes out on both the allergy and the infection. I've been doing them every four hours and the difference is really amazing.

Wednesday was Jet's first day at school. So Tuesday evening was the open house, and we had all his school supplies and took them all in with us. We also got to find out that Jet's teacher was Mrs. Hampton! Teddy was Jet's First Grade teacher as well, and Jet was very, very happy to get her again. After dropping everything off, Anne was nice enough to treat us all to dinner at Deli Cioso, our local Mexican restaurant, and we all had great dinners and ended with sopapillas with honey, which Jet really enjoyed.

I also baked three dozen muffins on Tuesday, two of pumpkin, one of banana, and that morning we all showed up at the bus stop at 8:15, and laid out the array of goodies and we had a huge party. There were 37 kids at the bus stop with their parents, and as the time crept on, we started wondering when the bus was going to show up.

It never did. The bus driver just never came to our stop, missed it completely.

When the parents called into the school, they said that we all had to just drive them in, so we did! And that afternoon, when we went to pick up the kids, Jet never got off the 118 bus! Our old bus was 96, and he'd automatically gotten onto his old bus. The good thing was that the usual bus driver actually told the new one to come to our stop and they dropped off the eight kids that had all gotten onto the wrong bus!

Luckily, when Jet got off, he was so tired he didn't care. He was just happy to be home. One of the kindergartners and even one of the fifth graders were pretty upset to have gotten on the wrong bus, as most of us parents hadn't really thought to check if the route number had changed! Oops.

The really funny thing was that this morning, the bus came and it had 111 on the side!! Turns out that the 118 bus got caught in construction traffic, and was too late to pick up all the kids, and the bus that actually came had barely enough room for all 37 kids! Eek. It's been one snafu after another. Part of the problem is that Blue Mountain got really popular in the last year, it seems, and enrollment, across the board has gone up by nearly 20%! So... they're getting flooded with kids via transportation systems that weren't designed to handle this many.

But it seems to be really incompetent handling of our particular stop. *sighs*

In the midst of all this chaos, I have been working on edits for the book. And OAS is having a 100 Sheet Summer Challenge, and I have plenty of paper to just do 100 paintings in less than 3 months. I'm sure that if I just did 100 paintings that I'd get better at *something* *laughs* And I really want to practice my wisteria, birds, bamboo, and chrysanthemums. There is a lot for me to do, and I want to have a dozen or more really good paintings for my show in January. So this is all the more reason for me to do it.

I've done about a dozen already. So I just need to keep the momentum up and paint.

Today I had the check-back with the orthopedic surgeon with the results of my MRI. Turns out there's three or four possibilities, one of which includes inflammation of a particular muscle, a small cyst-like object on my meniscus, a crack in the cartilage at the back of my knee cap with a little bone inflammation to go with it, and some extra growth from the ends of my broken ACL. *laughs* The ACL replacement is actually very solid. So that's all to the good. None of the possible problems are bad enough, at this point, to warrant surgery. So I'm getting to go to physical therapy for a bit to see if things get better, and I've been told that I can do some supplements if I wish to, and in all likelihood, if it hurts after I've exercised, I'm not doing any more damage to anything.

That's what I really wanted to hear, in some sense. It's not really something that can be fixed; but it's also not something that's getting any worse with the use I'm putting on it, and the pain is just pain. Not something getting worse. So I can do the weight lifting program if I want to do it, and I'll just have to ice afterward and just manage whatever pain I get. That should be good enough, I think.


I feel better just knowing that it's not one of a thousand things I might have imagined, but that there are things that are wrong that aren't so wrong that I have to stop doing what I need to do to breathe. THAT is a good thing to know.

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  • Sometimes Things Suck

    Uhm. Yeah. I fall prey to the impulse to mostly write then things are good, not when things are bad, or when things I decided don’t quite turn out…

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