100 Sheet Challenge

I've been slowly working my way through a 100 sheet challenge, where I'm trying to do 100 paintings in about 100 days. I'm only posting a few of them in order to not inundate folks, but I think I'm improving.

Bee and Wisteria

I really loved the purple and how the stems and everything worked, and the bee was a nice surprise as to how well the wings worked out. I really enjoyed how the layout worked out and where things lay.

I'm still working on how to fill in the spaces, and what to leave white and open and let it just be.

Swallow and Cherry

The swallow makes me very very happy. The whole stance of it and how the wings are relative to the body and the tail just make me pretty happy. I keep trying to figure out cherry blossoms and all the various stems and trying to get them to lay out the way they ought to lie. I still need to figure out how to open the stems so that there is room for more the flowers.</p>

I've been trying to get the small birds to really look the way I want them to, and the proportions are really hard to get sometimes. Especially when just dealing with the strokes as I lay them down.

New Bamboo

Something that I really wanted to do. I love the gracefulness and flexibility of young bamboo, but have always had a little difficulty in figuring out how to do this. So I just need to keep practicing this and getting the leaves so that they fall the fight way.

I think I'll be able to figure out bugs or birds for something like this soon. I like the idea of a walking stick bug on stems like this.

I like the flowers in the first one with the shading of blue/purple. But my fav is the last one. I just like the way that looks.
*smiles* I do like the simplicity of the last one very much. *sighs happily*

These are all so awesome! It's too hard to say which is my favorite. I love all the colors and layers going on in the first painting. On the other hand the simplicity of the last painting is lovely. And the bird is darned cute.
Mmm... I am very glad that you like them all. *beams* It's fun to have the range of them. *grins*
They're all very cool, but I especially like the graceful minimalism of the young bamboo.

Too bad it's kind of an invasive weed around here...
I love your birds so very, very much.

These are gorgeous!
Those are indeed all awesome.

I particularly like the bird in the second one; you've captured a real feeling of movement there.
Really wanted something that indicated flight rather than just soaring or... it was really nice to finally get it, after half a dozen failures. *laughs*
Oh, wow, I love the swallow! You're right, the stance really catches it.

I like the way you chose three pictures with very different lighting and moods. They make a nice spectrum.
Lovely! I really like the colours and they almost seem to glow.