Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

East and West Fic Collection

Title: East & Wast
Series: Original
Authors: demented_dee & liralen
Genre: Romantic Adventure
Rating: Mature
Word Count: Ongoing
Warnings/Notes: When I mentioned I wanted to do something more with my character, David Li, demented_dee (surprisingly calmly) suggested that she'd love to tag along for the ride. West came knocking with a cozy "Howdy" and now all that's left is to fall in love...

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any and all resemblance to real people is coincidence. Story, characters, and creative property © 2010 Allison Rogers & Phyllis Rostykus.

Summary: West Evantide - notorious lead singer for the band, Kings and Thieves, drags himself home after a year-long world tour, only to discover that he has a date with destiny somewhere in California. He and his friend and Personal Assistant, Ethan, get up and go.

And in Santa Cruz David Li - brilliant, geeky, and aching from a heart broken one time too many - gets back from his latest attempt at helping to save the world wondering what could possibly be so important that he get called home early.

Fate loves the unsuspecting.

Chapter List
Note: Links take you to either Darkprism's Evantide entries or to Liralen's David entries. You must be on the respective Friends' list to read.

David Li in Walking Away
David Li in Saving the World
David Li in Thinking Too Much
West Evantide in Evantide Arise
David Li in Offerings
West Evantide in Evantide To Go
David Li in Sheltered Coves
West Evantide in Evantide Plays
David Li in Get West
West Evantide in Evantide Pride
David Li in Surf
West Evantide in Evantide Blues
Rescue and Revival
Easing Body
Easing Mind
At The Red Bug Restaurant

Side and Gift Fics
David in Don't Tell Me to Stop -- this was actually written back in his Silver and Black days with Chris.
West and David in Don't Tell Me To Stop -- Reprise -- by demented_dee -- in which West discovers the video that David did in the first.
Want with both David and West -- NC17 -- West asks David what he really wants.

Damnit, West, What did you EAT? -- by Grimmalkin.

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