Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Chugging Along

*flump* Uhm... okay ytd word count: 321,625 words

*blinks mildly at that*

Uhm. Yeah, and still a quarter to go, mostly. Darkprism and I are most of the way through a West and East book, it seems, and have another one plotted. There's a yaoi Bleach fanfic we're nearly 40,000 words into. *laughs* Plus there's another original that we dreamed up as a whim that has me going Agh! *giggles* And the manuscript with our original book is at Torquere and they're evaluating our changes to see if it'd good enough to accept. (Cross your fingers, please?)

I'm working on Twin Souls and have a chapter done that incandescens has beta'ed and will probably post soon, and I'm working on the next one. Plus getting together a chapter of Winter War, and finally getting some time on my own fictions. Finished the William one, and have a few more for him out of those one word prompts. Though I might play with some of the AI/Misfit Toys story as well for those prompts.
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